TT.S2 - Follow the Clues

Events — REBEL Faction only.

Oh, so you're not going to follow the instructions, nay, orders of the DPIP? That's fine, that's fine... for now. We have no power over what might happen if you follow the clues.

Instructions: Once you've opened a Suspicious Report and have a clue, illustrate or write about your colonists following that clue and searching the area. These should feature one of the NPCs associated with that location in your piece. Unlike regular DPIP reports, you will not have to pay a RP fee or follow the same limits as the Investigation prompt.

Submit to the individual subprompt based on the clue found in your Opened Suspicious Report item, not to the main prompt.


  • Focus Colonists: Minimum 7 experience, including at least one background.
  • Minimum Focus Colonists: One.
  • Maximum Focus Colonists: Three.
  • Minimum NPCs: Include at least one Inhabitant NPC from the LOCATION you are investigating.
  • Mention which location you are investigating in the comments.
  • Remember to include the Opened Suspicious Report as an add-on!
Colony Rewards
Focus Colonist Rewards
Bonus 5 Experience, added automatically to focus colonists. Does not get added to RP calculations.

Generally, this means you should hit "Submit Prompt" on the ones below instead of this, but read the description of this prompt in case that isn't the case.

Submit Prompt
Colonies are reporting some sort of wreck submerged in the swamp, jagged metal piercing the surface. Are you interested in exploring?
Submit Prompt
You find yourself being followed in the Hidden Glade by a belemoid who is, in fact, slightly transparent. Is this a ghost, or did you inhale one of the mushroom spores and start hallucinating? What do they have to say?
Submit Prompt
Some of the giant mushrooms in the Fungal Forest are withering. Is there a disease, or some other cause?
Submit Prompt
Strange noises have been heard from among the giant mushrooms in the Fungal Forest. Find the explanation.
Submit Prompt
The Hidden Glade has dimmed in recent nights. Find the cause and get rid of it!
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The City of Lights is having a festival and have invited your colonists. Specifically yours.
Submit Prompt
Several convoys to the City of Lights have gone missing before reaching their destination. Where might they be?
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People have been vanishing from Naveh. Investigate what may have happened to them.
Submit Prompt
Claws beckon from shadowed doorways in Naveh. What do they want? Are they selling something? Buying something?
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DPIP requests a sample of the water from the Lake of Visions. How do you obtain it? Do you notice anything unusual about it?
Submit Prompt
Some new cave mouths have opened in the Ravine. What might be inside?
Submit Prompt
The water level in the Ravine is lower than usual. Is it simply a dry season, or is someone taking the water?
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You hear reports that there were some unauthorized gatherings near the Stone Arches.
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You’re on your way to a relaxing bath in the hot springs beneath the Arches when your path is blocked by some tsabhua saying “The springs are closed.” Do you turn back, or investigate what they might be hiding?
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Climbing gear has been spotted attached to the rim of the Skullcrack ravines. Are you brave enough to climb down and see where they lead?
Submit Prompt
Wanderers report seeing lights deep within Skullcrack. Stay a while, see if you see them yourself.
Submit Prompt
Weird fossils are turning up all over Rekes. Are you starting a collection?
Submit Prompt
The snow on some of the southern mountains is orange. What might be causing it?
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There have been an increasing number of drones spotted around the Obsidian Mountain.
Submit Prompt
Why does it seem like the Obsidian Mountain is on fire at night?
Submit Prompt
The entrance to Mount Ahnakim has been closed off by a rockfall. Try to find a new way in or clear the rubble.
Submit Prompt
Odd chanting has been heard coming from inside Mount Ahnakim. Some sort of cult?
Submit Prompt
Visitors have noticed a strange glittering under the surface of the Glittering Lake - more than the usual rainbow sheen.
Submit Prompt
One of the streams in The Hills seems to have been blocked up by something. Go investigate and see if you can help.
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You've heard of a group of traveling belemoid and tsabhua in the Plains. Maybe they know something.
Submit Prompt
A child has told one of your colonists that their friend is lost in the Plains.
Submit Prompt
The Hills are alive with the sound of... music? What could be causing this strange phenomenon?
Submit Prompt
An abandoned scientific camp has been found near the Glittering Lake.
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The City of Bitzaron has been rumored to open its bridges at midnight.
Submit Prompt
There are wandering traders near Bitzaron and you're sure they have something of value.