Crucible of Constitution

Six Crucibles — Add +1 CON to at most 3 colonists. Don't forget your XP + RP counts and breakdowns!
You can submit this prompt 1 time per month.

This prompt requires all focus colonists to be at least Level One

To show to the world that they have vitality, your colonist must do one of the following:
  • You must escort a lost native through harsh weather to return them to their tribe.
  • You must swim deep underwater to retrieve a fragment from a destroyed ship off of the coast.
  • Hold a solitary vigil for the victims of a natural disaster.
  • Survival. You must survive alone in the wilderness for a week without help.
  • Climb to the highest point in your home region and remain there for a full day.
Colony Rewards
Focus Colonist Rewards
1 CON (Constitution)