Woo a Native

Actions — Woo a native using diplomacy. Requires the Diplomacy research.
This action requires the Diplomacy research and uses the Social skill, which needs to be initialized before we can approve.

Every so often while exploring, you might come across a native Xunari. Whether they are friendly or aggressive is a matter of chance. On rare occasions, they may be interested in joining ranks with your colony. There are things to be done and matters to attend to in order to actually invite one of these wayfarers into your home. Native Xunari have a special background unique to them. If you successfully woo a native into your colony, they may keep the background if you wish.

A Native must be encountered by someone via an Observation in order to be available for wooing. You will know if the Native is available or still wandering by a notice on their profile. Upon the initial encounter, a Raffle will automatically be made for that Native. From that point on, anyone with the Diplomacy research may attempt to entice the Native to join their colony, gathering tickets based on the success rolls of their included colonists, which is affected by the Social skill of the colonist in question.

All colonists attempting to recruit the Native should be set as Focus Colonists.

When a colonist succeeds in their Social roll, they add one ticket to the pool of tickets for the submitter. After one month, the raffle is automatically rolled and the Native automatically goes home with the winner of the Raffle. How exciting!

Collaborations split the raffle tickets, just like Research Points are split.

The Process

  1. Someone will cross paths with the native during an Observation.
    • This initiates a Raffle for that Native with a date set one month after the encounter.
    • You must have Diplomacy researched in order to attempt to woo a native.

  2. At this point, anyone with the Diplomacy Research is able to attempt to convince the Native to join their colony.
    • This is an art or literature piece in which you attempt to encourage the native in question to join you.

  3. The following ROLL will occur: 1d20 + Social modifier of the colonist(s) in your woo submission, up to a total of 3 colonists. Each colonist who succeeds will add one ticket to the raffle for the submitter.

  4. The number of submissions one can make per Native is as follows:
    1. Four for the original finder: This is to account for the past method. However, if this colony has Natives already, that is reduced to three.
    2. Three for anyone else who has no Natives in their colony.
    3. Two for any colony that has Natives already in their colony.

  5. After one month, the raffle will automatically be rolled and the Native will be transferred to the winner. Staff have no control over the winner.

  6. If the native decides to follow you, they will be added to your colony and you may change their name or personality.


You must mention these bonuses when submitting with them to make sure we don't miss them.


  • Diplomatic Immunity: Allows one more colonist per submission to be rolled.
  • Extradition: Allows one more entry. So, if you have a Native already, you can do three entries. If you are the original finder and have no Natives, you can do five!
  • Well Met: Adds a bonus of two tickets per entry.


Certain items also have effects when attached to a submission!

  • Honey: While it no longer auto-successes, it adds 2 additional tickets to an entry, even if all colonists fail!
  • There are three letters that share names with the Research.
    • These may stack only with other types of letters and add one additional ticket per item.

Unclaimed Natives

You may find all available Natives in the information page for the Regions that Observations are possible in.


  • Focus Colonists: Minimum 7 experience, including at least one background.
  • Minimum Focus Colonists: One.
  • Maximum Focus Colonists: Three.
  • Native in question must also meet minimum experience count in effort, though they will only earn the standard 3 XP.
Colony Rewards