Prompt: Woo a Native

Category: Actions

Woo a native using diplomacy. Requires the Diplomacy research.


This action requires the Diplomacy research


Every so often while exploring, you might come across a native Xunari. Whether they are friendly or aggressive is a matter of chance. On rare occasions, they may be interested in joining ranks with your colony. There are things to be done and matters to attend to in order to actually invite one of these wayfarers into your home. Native Xunari have a special background unique to them. If you successfully woo a native into your colony, they may keep the background if you wish.

If you determine you don't want to attempt to woo a Native, simply let us know.

The Process

  1. You will cross paths with the native during a random event.
    • When this occurs, they will be removed from the Roaming list below and will be marked as Pending.
    • You must have Diplomacy researched in order to attempt to woo a native.
      Otherwise, it is an automatic fail and they will leave.
    • If you do not continue with Step 2 within two weeks of the discovery, they will lose interest and will leave.

  2. You must attempt to woo the native. This is an art or literature piece in which you attempt to encourage the native in question to join you.
    • This must be a fullbody + background of moderate complexity / 800 words
    • If you are okay with the native being used as an ancestor for future colonists, please opt in.

  3. The following ROLL will occur: 1d20 + averaged Social modifier of the colonist(s) in your woo submission, up to a total of 3 colonists.

  4. If the native decides to follow you, they will be added to your colony and you may change their name or personality.

Unclaimed Natives

You may find all available Natives here.


Reward Amount
Research Points 2