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Newbie-only prompt!
A Day in the Life

Every colony is different! Some are laid back with little to no routine, others have strict routines for day to day work.

This prompt was made so that new colonies can have a bit of free-form fun to explore and also get a bit of a head start into the game, which we understand can be hard to get started in.
On top of the normal Research Points and Experience Points you get for normal prompts, you earn ten free Immigration Vouchers for use in the immigration center as well as 100 Xen!

At least 75% showing | Bg with at least two different elements
Coloured or Shaded | 300x300 pixels min


min of 800 words
For every colonist you include (up to 10 for you) that isn't yours, both you and the owner get one additional Immigration Voucher! Please make sure to make it clear in your submission comments who is being included and from where so that we can be sure to distribute points correctly!


100 Xen