This prompt requires all focus colonists to be at least Level One

Go play in the dirt.

Due to this hazard, colonists going mining must be Level One minimum

Fragment R1_A3


Skill: Combat

When a young Xunari gets rowdy, their parents tell them to go play in the dirt. When they grow up after doing that all the time, they might find that digging in the dirt and burrowing underground can come with some fun rewards! However, this can come with dangers: Any colonist who goes mining might come back with a small injury!

Any colonist from any colony, unless they are bedridden or nursing, may go mining. Examples of mining include digging in the dirt, burrowing underground, or investigating potential ore pockets.

Tip:  If it's hard to tell what one is doing, feel free to give a brief explanation in your Comment along with your regular leveling form.

If your colonist is equipped with a Pickaxe, please clearly state that they are using it! This gives the possibility of an extra item!


Maximum of three colonists acting
  1. ART:
    • At least 75% of the body of the colonist visible.
    • Coloured.
    • Background with at least three different elements. (Rocks, Stalagmites, Gems, etc)
    • 300x300 pixel minimum.

    • At least 1000 words.
    • If including multiple colonists, each should be mentioned by name or nickname at least once per 200 words.
Cave Examples

These are the examples of caves within different regions.
To ensure you count towards Random Events, consider referring to these for your region!


Focus Colonist Rewards

3 Mining Results

This reward is random.