Worldbuilding — Create an item for use in the Xiunus game
You can submit this prompt 1 time per day.

Worldbuilding: Items


Create an item for us to use in-game.

One entry per day. Once we have a good backlog, this may be reduced to weekly for a time.

This prompt requires an art component. If you are a writer, you are free to collaborate with an artist!

  • Draw the item in our site items style
    • Pixel (recommended: Paint or Aseprite)
    • Dimensions: 32x32 originally, then sized up x2 to 64x64 using nearest neighbor
    • Avoid the common mistakes of pixel art (don't bother with anti-aliasing)
    • Outlines must be clean. No doubles if you can help it!
    • Shaded
    • Preferably transparent
  • Fill out the following form in your submission:
    • Item Name:
    • Category:
    • Use(s):
    • Found via:
    • Sellable for: (number Xen)
  • Bonuses:
    • Image doesn't require any cleaning up to be used. +20 Xen


If your submission is incorporated, you will receive 25 extra RP, 25 extra Xen, and one of this item.