Prompt: Items

Category: Worldbuilding

Create an item for use in the Xiunus game


Worldbuilding: Items


Create an item for us to use in-game.

One entry per day. Once we have a good backlog, this may be reduced to weekly for a time.

This prompt requires an art component. If you are a writer, you are free to collaborate with an artist!

  • Draw the item in our site items style
    • Pixel (recommended: Paint or Aseprite)
    • Dimensions: 32x32 originally, we size up x2 to 64x64 using nearest neighbor
    • Avoid the common mistakes of pixel art (don't bother with anti-aliasing)
    • Outlines must be clean. No doubles if you can help it!
    • Shaded
    • Preferably transparent
  • Fill out the following form in your submission:
    • Item Name:
    • Category:
    • Use(s):
    • Found via:
    • Sellable for: (number Xen)
  • Bonuses:
    • Image doesn't require any cleaning up to be used. +20 Xen


If your submission is incorporated, you will receive 25 extra RP, 25 extra Xen, and one of this item.


Reward Amount
Research Points 25
September 2021 Worldbuilding Raffle (Raffle Ticket) 1
Yearlong 2021 Worldbuilding Raffle (Raffle Ticket) 1