As the stakes grow ever higher and the distinction between strong colonists and weak colonists becomes clearer, several colonies have made understandings that they must improve their few now in order to have stronger in the future. Therefore, they have devised a plan that will allow colonists to push themselves and strengthen their very core essences. They can become stronger, smarter, and faster.

Each colony may submit a total of six crucibles per month, one of each type.
Each crucible may include up to three colonists. They do not need to be your own.
For each applicable colonist, they will receive one stat increase of the type the prompt is from.
That means that per month, the maximum number of stat increases total that you can accrue is 18.
The crucible must be the sole purpose of the submission.
However, other colonists may be included for the purpose of leveling. These observers may have random events.
Only adult colonists are able to participate.


  • Focus Colonists: Minimum 9 experience.
  • Minimum Focus Colonists: One, all adults and level One.
  • Maximum Focus Colonists: Three, all adults and level One.