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Fullbody | Bg with at least three elements
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Settling In

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ONE - Survival
  • B1.A - SHEMESH
    • B1.A1 - Find or make shelter from the sun.
    • B1.A2 - Find a source of water.
  • B1.B - GESHEM
    • B1.B1 - Find or make shelter from the storms.
    • B1.B2 - Start a farm.
  • B1.C - KERAH
    • B1.C1 - Find or make shelter from the cold.
    • B1.C2 - Harvest wild-growing food.

TWO - Combat
  • B2.A - Defend your colony's territory from wild animals.
  • B2.B - Defend your colony's territory from hostile local xunari
    • Use registered xunari with permission or NPCs such as Natives.

THREE - Medicine
  • B3.A - Set up your DPIP-provided supplies into a medical station for the colony.
  • B3.B - Start a herb garden to grow natural remedies.

FOUR - Science
  • B4.A - Set up your DPIP-provided science kit ready for research.
  • B4.B - Show your colonists and/or researchers investigating the plants, wildlife, geography, or anything else around their new home.
    • Feel free to include locations, plants, etc that haven't been depicted yet!
      Perhaps they will be added to the game!

FIVE - Social
  • B5.A - Show the first meeting between your researcher and colonist.
  • B5.B - Show the first meeting between your colony and the local tribes (NPCs).

SIX - Stealth
  • B6.A - Scout local wildlife herds for hunting, without spooking the herds.
  • B6.B - Discover where the local tribe is based (NPCs).


Per-prompt: 100 Xen
Completing one prompt per section (6 prompts) - 1x RNG Tsabhua
Completion: (16 prompts) -  1x RNG Belemoid


100 Xen


No skill increase.


No stat increase.


No Bonus XP Rewards