The colonies may be split. Which side are you on?



The Department of Protected Inhabitants has set out an alert on all active telepads and comm networks. This is normal, they tend to send out odd little reminders and slightly suspicious messages from time to time... but somehow this feels different. There are many more drones spiraling about, scanning for who knows what. You've had at least three different operatives skulking around the outskirts of your colony.

It almost seems like they're looking for something and have no idea where it might be.


You have two choices.

You can either respect the wishes of the DPIP and ignore the strange messages. If you find any, you may bring them in (via add-on) and receive a Xen or RP reward from DPIP For your agreement.

Or you can rebel from the orders of the DPIP and go out in search of these strange messages. Each and every one has a clue that you can later depict your colonists investigating. What might you find in these strange locations?

These follow all the same art and literature rules as Foraging. Any colonists can take part in this prompt.

Search for Reports

To participate further than above, you must join a faction to display your decision.

If you find any Suspicious Reports, depict your colonists or researchers offering them to DPIP agents to earn a Xen or RP reward! Additionally, visit and explore the docks to expand DPIP's understanding of the planet of Xiunus.

Respect DPIP.

Search for Suspicious Reports
Open these to find a clue (prompt)

Follow the Clues.
You feel a deep rumbling.

You're sure it's something that those antagonistic Rebels did, you just know it. You're about to make a report when your radio lights up, a broadcast sent out over the network from DPIP themselves.


At first you think it's from the bunker entrances that you found, but instead... your radio lights up, your interceptors catching a broadcast from DPIP to their loyalists.

New life forms have been detected in the ocean. We need research vessels to go out into the deep to find out more about these creatures. We have been getting conflicting reports about their physical characteristics. Some claim they are huge, snakelike beasts who are extremely dangerous and carnivorous. Others have claimed to see sleek-furred creatures with long claws who are smaller than tsabhua but larger than belemoid. Another source claims to have seen large, bulky creatures with soft, blunt faces, and pawlike appendages.
This is all we have from our preliminary reports before our satellites went down:
This may be dangerous. Any loss of life will be paid for in full.



Locate these creatures and report your findings to DPIP.


Try to find the creatures and learn about them before the DPIP loyalists are able to.

You will find mini-prompts and themes that you may include in every prompt for this event in the #clues channel of the server for a bonus of 10 RP each after other bonuses, max of 5 included clues - for these, please state what the clue was.