Bard Education

Specialization — Study to become a Bard.
Once your colonist does one of the following they will become a Bard's Assistant:
  • Take lessons to learn an instrument or how to sing.
  • Observe a festival or party within a nearby tribe.
  • Learn from a traveling merchant about their silver tongues.
  • Practice public speaking.
Once your Bard's Assistant does one of the following they will become a Bard:
  • Write and present a ballard or play about the history of your colony to present at the upcoming Founding Festival.
  • You hear of a recent destruction in a neighbouring town - take your talents to the streets to bring cheer to them all.
  • Meet with an Elder to discuss collaboration between your colony and the tribe.
  • Organize a festival for your colony.
  • You have had time to hone your craft. Now it is time to broaden your horizons. Go to another colony and have a friendly musicial battle with one of their bards.
Colony Rewards