Crucible of Charisma

Six Crucibles — Add +1 CHA to at most 3 colonists. Don't forget your XP + RP counts and breakdowns!
You can submit this prompt 1 time per month.

This prompt requires all focus colonists to be at least Level One

To show to the world that they are charismatic, your colonist must do one of the following:
  • Travel a long distance through the wilderness to bring important news to a tribe or colony.
  • Gather a crowd to inform them of some announcement - be it an enemy's approach or a birth.
  • Bluff their way into somewhere they may not allowed to be.
  • Negotiate peace between two warring natives.
  • Convince a stranger that they are their long-lost relative.
  • Convince a creature to choose another nesting ground.
  • You are tasked with preparing an important dinner for a lover, a native, a group of visiting diplomats, etc.
    • Either show your colonist preparing the food or presenting it to the recipient(s).
Colony Rewards
Focus Colonist Rewards
1 CHA (Charisma)