Worldbuilding — Create a world
You can submit this prompt 1 time per day.

Worldbuilding: LOCATIONS


Create a location in the Xiunus world.

One entry per day. Once we have a good backlog, this may be reduced to weekly for a time.

This prompt does not require an art component but it is highly recommended.

  • Fill out the following form in your submission:
    • Location Name:
    • Type: (No regions or continents at this time, please)
    • Summary:
    • Which Region:
  • One OR both:
    • Minimum 250 words describing the area and what's special about it in detail.
    • Include an illustration of the location with a good amount of clear effort put in. Min 300x300 px.
  • Bonuses:
    • Both description and HQ illustration:  +25 Xen


If your submission is incorporated, you will receive 50 extra RP and 50 extra Xen.