Actions — Forage for seeds, mushrooms, and plants!


Skill: Survival

The earliest ancestors of any intelligent species were hunter-gatherers. It is the natural way of things, before agriculture expanded and allowed once nomadic cultures to create settlements.

Any colonist from any colony, unless they are bedridden (injured, in hospital, or have a status effect blocking this,) may go out foraging for food and small items to bring back home for use at the colony. Examples of foraging include checking out bushes, sniffing for fruits, or picking plants.

Tip: Almost any exploration piece, so long as there's a colonist interacting with the foliage of the environment in some way, could be considered foraging! If it's hard to tell what one is doing, feel free to give a brief explanation in your Comment along with your regular leveling form.


  • Focus Colonists: Minimum 7 experience, including at least one background.
  • Minimum Focus Colonists: One.
  • Maximum Focus Colonists: Three.
Colony Rewards
Focus Colonist Rewards
3 Foraging Results

This reward is random.