Prompt: Recipes

Category: Worldbuilding

Submit a recipe for use in Xiunus.


Worldbuilding: RECIPES


Plot out a recipe for the crafting system. Most of these will require recipe cards to unlock.

One entry per hour. Once we have a good backlog, this may be reduced to daily or even weekly for a time.

  • Fill out the following form in your submission:
    • Recipe Name:
    • Limit: (Research usually, probably from Artisan tree)
    • Ingredients: (include quantities. does not have to be from existing items)
    • Rewards: (include quantities)
    • Category: (Cooking, Technological, Alchemical, Tool, etc)

If your submission is incorporated, you will receive 20 extra RP, 20 extra Xen, and the recipe granted to your account.


Reward Amount
Research Points 10
September 2021 Worldbuilding Raffle (Raffle Ticket) 1
Yearlong 2021 Worldbuilding Raffle (Raffle Ticket) 1