New Player Guide Series: ONE

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 First of all, Welcome

We are ecstatic that you are interested in joining us! If you're reading this, you've probably already read a little bit about the ARPG itself. If you haven't, you should definitely give them a perusal. The world guide is definitely one to take a peek at, as well as the guide for tsabhua, which are the species you will be starting with.

As a quick note, in order to participate in the game you will need to authenticate your account via one of several social media, including Discord, Deviantart, Twitch, or Twitter. This is to ensure your identity, especially if you are a legacy player from the Deviantart+Sheets days.


If you click Register, you will be shown a form with the following items: Colony Name, Region, Email, Password.

The icon for Rekes, one of the playable regions.Colony Name: This is your unique identifier (besides your deviantart username.) This is not quite the same as a username.

Please do not input your username from elsewhere here - unless you want your colony to be referring to as that name! If you want an apostrophe or a space in your name, please let a staff member know so that our administrator can update it for you.

Region: You must pick a region to complete registration. This can be changed later, in the user Settings, but it's important for region-related bonuses and Observations, which are randomly rolled occurrences that you may request during art and literature activities.

Once you hit Register, you'll need to confirm your email address. Some email providers can have issues receiving email from our website, so if this is the case please let us know on Discord! Gmail is a good bet for being able to receive the emails.

After confirming your email, if you try to access your Settings, you will be prompted to authenticate via one of several social media platforms.

 Your Starter Pack
Screenshot of the starter pack in your inventory.

As soon as you join, you'll have an item called a "Starter Pack" in your inventory! If you go to your inventory (under the User tag in the sidebar), you'll find the item. To open it, click on it, select the item from the list of "Item Variations" and select "Open", then hit "Open" again in the little menu that pops up.

Your starter pack contains a gift of items, a handful of Immigration Tokens (to buy new colonists from the Immigration Center), and a slot to randomize your first colonist: a tsabhua.

Screenshot of the Starter Pack modal
 Your First Colonist

Example of a colonist holding the starter pack.Once you've received the "Starter Colonist" item from your starter pack, redeem it in much the same way that you opened your starter pack. Your new colonist will be automatically randomized for you - If you wish to reroll manually, please send us a claim to request reroll!

Your first colonist will then look something a little like this.

Once you submit your design update and it gets admin-approved, you can start playing.

If you're new and want an admin to design your first ever colonist for you, free of charge, head on over to our design service.
 Your Researcher

Example of a researcher.Researchers are an important part of the Xiunus economy. They're basically personal characters of your own that act as intermediaries between your colonists (tsabhua, belemoid, etc) and DPIP (the meta "corporation" that runs Xiunus behind the scenes and also a playful term for admins).

Researchers can be anything and everything, so long as they are:

  1. Sapient and sentient (They have perception of "self" and can communicate with other sentient + sapient races)
  2. Not one of the species playable on Xiunus. (Aka, no Tsabhua, Belemoid, or Tark'ee.)

This means that you can include other ARPG species or intelligent animals as your researcher! Including a researcher in an art piece or literature piece with your colonists will grant a bonus to their experience gains.

At this point, you're all set up! Your initial maximum population of 10 colonists will be automatically added to your account upon registration. As soon as your geno has its design approved, you may begin earning experience points for it. Once it's approved, you will also be able to see the XP (experience point) count, health points, and litter slots in the colonist's bank.