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Spin, Spin, Spin, the Wheel of Mercy!

Wheel of Mercy

You there!

Yes, you! Do you wish to tempt fate? Are you feeling lucky?

Once per month, you are allowed one free spin of the Wheel of Mercy. The Wheel will then decide your fate:
Will you become injured?
Will your colonists learn something new? Or even... will you win the jackpot?

The possiblities

  • A random colonist from your colony may become injured.
  • A random colonist from your colony may gain a skill point bonus.
  • A random colonist from your colony may gain levels.
  • You may garner the attention of a new recruit.
  • You may be gifted with a colony upgrade.
  • You may lose a population spot in your colony.
  • You may win an interesting item.
  • You may win Research Points.
  • You may win Xen.

How to Spin

Simply submit this prompt (once per month!!) with the following words as the URL:

I spin, I spin, I spin the Wheel of Mercy. Where it stops only DPIP knows!


No rewards.


No skill increase.


No stat increase.


No Bonus XP Rewards