Rules and Terms of Service for participating on Xiunus.

Basic Ground Rules


We are a PG-16 group. Swearing is allowed, but any explicitly mature material must be kept off of the site and outside of the associated groups. That being said, explicit material is not eligible for use in game aspects, including leveling.

One account per person!

Certain elements of the group are science-based and some are more sci-fi-based, so there may be some terminology or aspects that you may be unused to. If something makes you uncomfortable, feel free to let us know, but understand that your own biases may not be carried by the group as a whole.

Any artwork uploaded onto the website is considered property of Xiunus. Official Xiunus artwork may be posted only in the following areas, with proper credit:, Deviantart, and If you are an artist who has been commissioned for artwork for us, you are welcome to post your own work on your portfolio.

  • Avatars belong to the user they are attached to. They must not be explicit in nature. We may deem to remove an avatar that is inappropriate, to the staff team's discretion.
    • We are not accountable for avatars that fall under copyright - though if the copyright holder contacts us on xiunus.mod (at), we will be happy to remove avatars that break copyright.

  • Submissions (Prompts and Claims) are not uploaded onto our servers and are simply hotlinked/embedded from other image hosting, therefore they still 100% belong to the artists or writers.

If DPIP (any staff member) tells you to stop doing something or that you need to do something, don’t argue with them. If you disagree, you are welcome to send a note to the group or to @Preimpression to discuss your point. However, you should not argue so much that it becomes harassment — something that we do not condone and is punishable.

We are all humans here. Treat each other with kindness, no matter what issues you may have with them. If we find out that any of you are harassing or treating other members badly, we will be happy to step in. If you or someone you know is being harassed about Xiunus related things, we urge you to message Uri on either Discord, Deviantart, or Toyhouse so we can take care of it as soon as possible.

No identity, intellectual property, or other theft. This includes art theft and plagiarism. If you reference other artists or photographs, you should make it a habit to credit them.

Colonist Rules

Species found on Xiunus are not free use. They are closed species. In order to obtain any individuals of the species found on Xiunus, you must go through official routes — gifting/purchasing official genos/imports from individuals or through the group via the various methods listed in the Newbie Guide.

  • Newbies obtain their first tsabhua when they first join the game. This initial colonist is added to their colony via a Welcome Package item that is automatically added to their inventory/cargo hold. They are able to be sold/gifted freely, but each individual is only allowed one free colonist and one free re-roll of said colonist. If you get rid of your only colonist, it’s on you to find another.

  • On that note, if you want to make an OC that is one of the NPC fauna species, shoot Uri a message on Discord or Deviantart to ask permission!

That being said, Xiunus is an open-universe game. Other ARPG and RPG species are welcome to interact with Xunari (with the understanding that it is a science-based universe) so long as they make sense.

  • The Xiunus universe itself does not include magic, but if you can explain it in some biological or technological fashion, or even with some sci-fi hand-waving like is done in Star Trek, feel free to do so.

  • We are especially welcoming to ARPGs who run on Lorekeeper-built sites!

Colonists belong to the game. If you deem to leave the game and have your account deleted, your existing colonists will be removed from your colony and placed in the Immigration Center.

  • You may reuse your own designs so long as you have ownership of the design or permission from the design owner, but they must be adjusted to a non-Xiunus species and you may not consider it a creature from Xiunus anymore. If you wish for us to stop using a design, it is your responsibility to provide us with a replacement design that fits current design regulations

Reproduction Rules

All breedings must follow the rules on the Reproduction Guide, including ownership of the Breeding Permit for the posting party.

If you attempt to use a breeding slot that either does not belong to you or is not usable (such as if a colonist is sterile, has no remaining slots, or is too young,) the breeding will be declined and you will be alerted to the issue. Repeated attempts of slot overuse or rule disobedience may result in a temporary ban from breeding. Continued attempts, including those during a ban, may result in harsher punishment.

Keep track of your slots. If you promise too many slots away, you may face temporary bans from breeding or sterilization of colonists. We have a fancy breeding permission system to send breeding permissions to other users, so make use of this! It keeps in mind used slots.

If you give a slot to someone, you may not rescind the permission unless it is part of a deal in which the other player does not finish what was promised or unless the other person agrees to the transfer. Due to our new breeding permission system, in order to rescind a slot for any reason, the affected parties must go the admins with their case. There is no "Rescind Permission" button.

Breeding slots do not expire.

Staff Accountability

Staff members are not above the Law. That is to say, they must follow all the same rules as regular members. If you see a staff member overstepping their bounds, please bring it up with another staff member so we can investigate.

Staff positions are all volunteer. We are not paid for our work. Keep this in mind when interacting with us- we're all humans too!