Event Two Zero Two Two

Hello, and welcome to December! Well, mid-December! We've now well into Kerah and have delved into the second stage of our sitewide event. For those of you just tuning in, or even longtime listeners, you may be confused as to what's going on! There's no need to fear, for your friendly neighborhood Steve is here to explain!

But before we dive right into talking about the event, though I know I'm keen to get my nose into that mess, I wanted to introduce some fascinating new things that have popped into Xiunus over the last few months!

New Items

There are a ton, and I mean a ton of new items that have made their way into the game! Most of these have something to do with the event as it progresses, but here are some that you may not have noticed just yet.

549-image.png 540-image.png 581-image.png 550-image.png 545-image.png
New Worldbuilding

The docks have opened up, and with them tantalizing possibilities!

29-th.png 30-th.png 31-th.png 32-th.png

Not to mention, a whole army of residents for both the docks and a huge number of other places around the entire island.

Advent Calendar
We're halfway through December! For the entire month, every day a new Advent Calendar prize will be available for pick up. Every other day will be an event-related prize, specifically these fancy little cards which, as many have discovered, are used in piecing together treasure maps to unlock new markings.

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Transmission: Stage Two

Report from DPIP

We have a fantastic opportunity for you!
The docks have opened finally and colonies are being invited in.

Follow the Clues?

This is the Rebel path.
Follow the clues found in the suspicious documents. Uncover the truth.

Trust DPIP?

This is the Respect path.
Follow the instructions provided by your overlords. Prove your loyalty.

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Transmission: Vwdjh Rqh.2022


Tb afa klqefkd tolkd.

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Status report

DPIP is extremely nervous and sketchy.

Did you see that? No, no you didn't. You saw nothing.


For as long as colonies have roamed the land of Xiunus, Natives have been pretty interested in joining any colony they encounter. They've started to become, hm, a bit picky as of late. Some Natives, especially those who know each other, claim that they may not be too eager to join a colony that has ex-Natives living within. After all, one said under complete anonymousity, someone snores like an entire herd of honjest. They were looking at a nearby native who was picking their nose.

To alleviate their discomfort, DPIP has set up a lottery of sorts.

Natives must still be encountered while Observing (see below) in their Region before they can be Woo'd. However, upon that point, a Raffle will automatically be made for that Native. From that point on, anyone with the Diplomacy research may attempt to entice the Native to join their colony, gathering tickets based on the success rolls of their included colonists, which is affected by the Social skill of the colonist in question.

When a colonist succeeds in their Social roll, they add one ticket to the pool of tickets for the submitter. The number of colonists allowed in a Diplomacy submission is the same. After one month, the raffle is automatically rolled and the Native automatically goes home with the winner of the Raffle. How exciting!

Collaborations split the raffle tickets, just like Research Points are split.

If you want to see what colonists are available in a Region, go to that Region's information page!

The number of submissions one can make per Native is as follows:

  • Four for the original finder: This is to account for the past method. However, if this colony has Natives already, that is reduced to three.
  • Three for anyone else who has no Natives in their colony.
  • Two for any colony that has Natives already in their colony.

Several researches have been adjusted for this system! You will need to mention them when you send in your Woo submission.

  • Diplomatic Immunity: Allows one more colonist per submission to be rolled.
  • Extradition: Allows one more entry. So, if you have a Native already, you can do three entries. If you are the original finder and have no Natives, you can do five!
  • Well Met: Adds a bonus of two tickets per entry.

Certain items also have effects when attached to a submission!

  • Honey: While it no longer auto-successes, it adds 2 additional tickets to an entry, even if all colonists fail!
  • There are three letters that share names with the Research. These may stack only with other types of letters and add one additional ticket per item.


Random Events have been renamed Observations. They can now be applied per colonist and the Region can be set for the submission itself. Remember, it's a max of two Observations per colony per submission. If you try to sneak it through... well. It'll auto-cap to two, so you won't be able to have more than two.

With this new system, the Compass item will need some tinkering to work with the new system. If you have one or buy/find one in the meantime - hold onto it!

Do not forget to set a Region if you are asking for Observations.

Background Items

I've created the function of having an item that automatically applies a background image to sit behind a transparent colonist's image. This will help a lot with sizes of colonist import images and server load as time progresses! Here's an example of a colonist with this treatment applied.

The freely available backgrounds, for instance, the mining examples, are available in a new shop: The Background Emporium!

286-image.png 289-image.png 280-image.png

If you want to replace your existing colonist image with a transparent version to be able to use this, please reply to this Transmission in a comment below with the following form:

**Colonist:** [Colonist Name](url here)
**Transparent Image:** [Image link](url here)

If you have a Native and you wish for this treatment, please indicate below! Some older ones may not have PSDs anymore so we may have to manually separate it from the background.

In the future, we may allow custom background items. This completely cosmetic effect will likely be "rewards" for donating to the site for upkeep costs.

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Status Report

DPIP IS Constipat concerned

Did you hear that? Hm. It must have been the wind.

FTTZT... Is this thing on?

Hello there! Winter is upon us, isn't it? Oh, wait, I'm getting something in my earpiece. Oh. Keh... Kerah? And it's been going on for a while now? Well! We hope you on the planet have been having a good Kerah!

We hope you've been enjoying the gifts from the advent calendar throughout the month!

Sometimes, it must feel like the months drag on and on, and other times they must go by like the flash of a laserbeam. Speaking of laserbeams, we've beamed in a bunch of new and shiny things for you to see and explore!

Stats, Levels, and Skills

All of these are now using the Claymores and Companions extension! Skills now have their own little information pages, as do Stats. The biggest change that you'll notice about this system is that Skills are no longer automatically generated for each colonist.

The way levels, stats, and skills are processed in the back end is leagues different from the way it was before. Stats are no longer simply columns in the database and experience, health, and skill bonuses are no longer going to be character currencies. This allows for greater freedom in expansion in the future though, as always, if you notice anything incorrect or broken please let us know immediately via the bug report function or on the discord!


When you view the page of a colonist who hasn't had their skills initiated yet, those skills will show up as question marks. If these are your own colonists, the question marks will be links to the Leveling Area of that colonist.

Leveling Area

Up top might not look very different from what you're used to in the level up page from before. As before, you'll need whelps to have adult designs in before moving to Level One, but overall it's fairly similar.


The differences come when you scroll a bit down. When you level up, you're given available stat points to add into different stats of your choosing. You can't go over the max stat base of your level, 20, but you don't have to lose those points or worry about stat overflow currency bogging down your colonist's bank! The text "Level" means how many times that stat has manually been increased. Stats can be temporarily modified currently by attaching gear or weapons to the colonist in question. These bonuses aren't inherited in breeding and they can be unattached from the colonists after a short cooldown.


Next up: Skills! As we said above, skills don't come automatically initialized. However, if you hit the "Initialize Skill" button of stats you believe this colonist will use, it will initialize the skill for that colonist without any admin input necessary. Once initialized, they'll look a little something like below, minus the cog wheel. The numbers in parentheses are first the bonuses applied and secondly the stat modifier from strength. This includes all gear or currency that may apply to the stats in question.



Have you ever wanted to have your colonist specialize in anything in particular? Does your belemoid prefer foraging while your tsabhua can't get enough of the mines? Do you have one colonist who you use to heal every time? Have them enter a class!

Each class has two stages. Read about them here! The first is to train and learn from a Native or NPC Professional (coming soon!) and become an Assistant for that class. Then, Assistants can go for the second stage and become full fledged members of that class, earning them benefits such as extra rolls or bonuses to Native encounters.

Classes require certain stat levels in order to obtain them. The Assistant level usually has a smaller stat requirement than the full Class. This is just in case you want to get the last bit of XP for a level from your submission in the first stage ;)

back up - Gear and Weapons?!

Y..yes. Gear and, ahem, weapons. Some will be restricted to certain classes, others will be free for any colonist to have and hold til death do they part. There will be more as time goes on, but enjoy what there is in the meantime! You'll be able to craft these with recipes or you may even find full gear or weapons from Investigations.

Those Natives sure like to gift random things, don't they?


There's... an odor.

You might be smelling the influx of Animals spotted around Xiunus. Animals... that are domesticated! Some of these little guys can even grow attached to your colonists and start following them around as pets! These can be found while out and about doing activities, but they can be tricky to come across!

Entin3.png Huldah2.png Jaebo.png Shriiv3_.png Hojenst_red.png

As always.

Please let us know if you notice any errors or oddities! The move from the old Leveling/Stats/Skill system to the new one was a massive undertaking and there's every possibility I've missed one or two places that were using the old system.

We love you and hope you have a much better 2022 than 2021 was!

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Status Report

DPIP IS Cautious

Ignore the blinking lights. Even if they cause major headaches.

Ahoy there, land lubbers!

It's been quite a while, hasn't it!

We've all been a little bit... distracted, up here in the orbiting space station owned entirely by Department of Protected Inhabited Planets. No, wait, we shouldn't tell you that. Ahem. We've, uh, been hard at work doing things! Important things behind the scenes that are very important and completely legal in all major star systems.

Things like....

A Navigation Revamp? Boy howdy, that's shiny!

An Advent Calendar! Every day in December, pick up something nice - or not so nice! If you claim every single day, you get something extra special at the end :) The button will be on the homepage come December First.

(coming soon) A Diplomacy Revamp! The Natives are getting picky, so we're having to reflect that.

(coming soon) Examples of Mutations! Which are totally normal and definitely not the result of toxic leakages caused by crashed DPIP landers. We want to make sure everything has an example before we go on and make any more!

More items! Everyone likes new shiny things!

(coming soon) New Landmarks? They've always been here but we're documenting more about the world and its native inhabitants beyond just the tribes! Did you know there's a kingdom or two hidden out in the wastelands? I didn't either! Well, I did, being an all knowing DPIP agent, but I digress! If you want to help us document any of these places, please feel free to do so!

Navigational Tools are Changing?

The top navigation, that giant box of text and words and garble, will soon be replaced by the shiny new sidebar! We're leaving the top navigation up at least until the end of the year so people can get a handle on the side bar navigation.

There will also be a new page: Activity. This will have a brief overview of your colony including your max population, current population, and remaining slots. There will also be quick links to the hospital, breeding, your prompts and claims, your pending reports, your nursery, and your pending design updates.  There's also some ease of access population spot purchase buttons in this page! Due to this, the old Colony Expansion items will be retired.

Diplomatic Agreements will still be a thing that you can find and redeem for population spots like normal, but Colony Expansion items will no longer be sold.

Please let us know in the Discord if you believe anything to be amiss, including confusing navigation order/set up or links that you can no longer easily find!

Diplomacy Revamp you say?

Well! That's still being worked on in the back end like everything else, but it will implement the existing Raffles system and will allow for more people to try for discovered Natives instead of hoping you come across the one you want. The original finder gets the most tickets, of course, but there will be ways for other people to try to woo the Natives!

Examples of Mutations!

This requires a lot of art, we all are very thankful that you colonies have been extremely patient with us about this! Most mutations are rather loose with their descriptions and they may show up on different colonists in different ways, but we know some visual guidelines are always useful.

I love shiny new things

Here's some of the items we've added in the recent months but never announced!

molecular informationodd sample  friendship bracelet

What about the new landmarks?

Mostly just rumble-tumbling around and lost in our paperwork, but we're discovering some pretty intereresting locations out there. Did you know there's a giant hollow Fungal Tree in L'Hatzif? Probably not, but there is totally one! At least one. Maybe more.

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Status Report


Ignore the whispers in your ears. They are insects.



Investigations are finally live! If you're anything like me, you've been holding onto your Simple Reports in anticipation of this. You may now begin drawing or writing responses to these mini-prompts. In order to have a successful investigation (aka not get rejected), DPIP does require a research point payment per investigation submission. Each colonist involved (up to three) will recieve one randomized reward which can be anything from bones to shaman's hearts to soulstones to bonuses for the stat in question.

One of the rewards is an item called a Recipe Card which unlocks a random recipe from a particular category. We are still working on making recipes for these, so we encourage you be involved in....


World Building!

We have implemented prompts specifically for Xiunus worldbuilding! Make your mark on the world of Xiunus here by helping to build the planet and its items, recipes, fauna, etc. These are different from activity/other prompts in rules and requirements as well as rewards. Every Worldbuilding entry gives you one raffle ticket to the Monthly Raffle and also the Yearlong Raffle! Most of these prompts are one-submission-per-day, but we may reduce it later on if we end up with a back-log.

Most of the prompts have special rewards for implementation, such as a recipe unlock for recipe submissions and one of the items for item submissions. They also have RP/Xen rewards for implementation! We are super excited about this and really want to have the users involved in the building of the Xiunus world.


Location-Specific Rewards

On the back end, we finally have the ability to have loot tables that pay attention to a user's location in order to select what item is picked. This means that from now on, we will be working on making items that are specific to different locations. For instance, Redstone is now found via mining by colonists from the Rekes region. (I will work on adjusting this to allow the location to be specific to the location of the submission, but may take some time.)


Check out our new Public Features trello to see what we're working on and have planned for the future!

Feel free to make suggestions for updates/activities/features/changes/events etc in the #suggestions channel in the Discord or in our Suggestion Box!

Support Xiunus


If you would like to support Xiunus and its coder, please feel free to buy Uri a coffee - it really will help to keep the site afloat!

Everything we staff do for Xiunus is all an entirely volunteer effort and while we love to do what we do, all hosting (monthly $$) is done out of pocket!
We're lucky to have an in-house coder to do all our maintenance, not all ARPGs have that!

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Transmission: New Action: Mining

Status Report


If any of your colonists find strange papers, please bring them to DPIP and forget about them.

No, not the colonists. The papers.




We've released a new Prompt-action! This is a bit of a throw-back to the old Digging activity of the old Belemoid ARPG. It uses the Combat modifier due to the strength and dexterity that would be needed to navigate caves and bring back prizes from within.

Now your colonists can make their way into the depths of the caves of Rekes or sinkholes under Issiq to drag out ore and other similar items for their colonies. Be careful though, colonists have been known to gain small injuries while underground! If your colonist is prepared with a pickaxe, they might bring back an extra item home!

This also means that Foraging rewards will be adjusted to not include most of the rewards that will be within Mining.


Shemesh Seasonal Prompt

The seasonal prompt for Shemesh has finally been uploaded, sorry for the delay!


Design Guide

Recently, we updated and rearranged the Navigation Bar for the new Design Guide. The text is also larger to not be so difficult to read for tired eyes. (Yes, the markings are supposed to be fontawesome image icons... we'll be updating with real icons soon!)

There is also a Marking Order page to know what markings go above/below others!

Do be aware that we have updated some of the "rules" for some markings, especially some Appaloosa markings. We have also updated the "Blurred" rule to mean that you can blur sections of an otherwise hard or soft edged marking. We also added a specific rule to allow Ghosting or showing through white spotting genes.

Also, this introduces a new modifier to some markings: Reversal! Certain markings have the ability to reverse dark/light, such as marozi and point. These markings are only passed on by homozygous genes carrying the modifier and unlike other modified alleles (like Vp+b etc), the +r counts as its own allele so has to be added onto a homozygous-showing allele (such as Pt or mr) as its own use of Dice/Slice. We will have Natives/etc with those markings to add them into the gene pool shortly.

If any of the new marking information pages confuse you, please let us know so we can put it in the to-do list to clarify!


New Recipes + New Research Tree

There is now an Artisan research tree which has researches required for crafting various items.

We're hard at work adding new recipes and items to the game, especially those for Smithing!


Minor Quality of Life Updates

We've updated some things:

  • Whelp genomes are now visible from litter pages.
  • Design Guide pages now are a bit prettier.
  • Items in the Codex are now 24 per page versus 18 per page.
  • The "Tools" category now can be attached to characters, though currently only Pickaxe has a purpose!
  • Owners of characters now receive notifications that the slots have been used in the automated breeder.
  • The Tainted Blood award will now be automatically granted if you don't have it already and breed a mutated whelp in the automated system, even if it's a split!


Check out our new Public Features trello to see what we're working on and have planned for the future!


We're still working on the rewards for these, sit tight <3
They require a bit of code finangling to figure out some of the randomized rewards

Support Xiunus


If you would like to support Xiunus and its coder, please feel free to buy Uri a coffee - it really will help to keep the site afloat!

Everything we staff do for Xiunus is all an entirely volunteer effort and while we love to do what we do, all hosting (monthly $$) is done out of pocket!
We're lucky to have an in-house coder to do all our maintenance, not all ARPGs have that!

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New Lineart!

Jeska (NMRO) has made this wonderful new lineart for us to use!
There will be a poll on Discord about whether or not the lines should be mandatory, but I'm loving them so I think it'll be pretty unanimous!

We even have some reviews from our Super Secret Beta Testers below!


Pione says

I love the new lineart.
It’s much better than any of the old stuff and it really gives my colonists life!
I’ve moved one of my colonists over already and I’m gonna move the rest!



Meska says

Uri’s old lines were great and all, but these new lines are simply perfection.
I’ve already moved one of my colonists over, and will vote to make it mandatory.
Not really sure why we’re even having a poll - I can’t imagine anyone will disagree.



crablover420 says

I know I'm supposed to be coming up with an incredible review but I can't think beyond my desire for crab right now



Sproots says

These lines truly mean so much to me, they're exactly what I always imagined my colonists to look like. The realism is unmatched in such an amazing way.



██████ says

████ ████████ █████ ████ ████████ ████████ ████████ ██████ ████ ████████ █████████ ████████
Disclaimer: April Fools!

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Transmission: Status Report & Breeding

Status Report


Please be aware of your surroundings.
Any strange occurrances should be reported to DPIP


(Yes, you may have seen this news post before. See "Automated Reproduction" below for new stuff!)

Baby mods!

Myamoo425 (Sprouts) and Imagi-Nethat (Wayward Station) have joined the staff team!

So far, they've been so helpful with creating art and helping to keep the queue down while Uri works on the new systems below!


New: Forums!

Our coder created the Forums extension and set up a small forum for us! If you have any suggestions or requests for boards (specifically that don't overlap with other site functions such as Trade Listings and the Rules page) please let us know!


Automated Reproduction

We've finally released automated reproduction!! You may now access your nursery by going to this page. In order to start breeding, you'll need the Breeding Permit and to pick up your complimentary Nursery Limit of 3. Nursery limit refers to how many LITTERS one of your colonists is nursing at a time. Until it's in the system, please do not trade away/send nurses to Immigration. That's just mean, lol.

If there are any bugs (I'm sure there will be some!) let Uri know, please!!

Shaman's Heart may be used for any mutation for pre-existing litters or whelp genos until the end of March, server-time (EST). 11:59! After that point, they will need to be used only for Common genes. We're building recipes to craft up the Grandpa's Lesson item and it won't be long until that recipe is able to be found via the soon-coming Investigation action.

Pre-existing litters may now be posted to Pre-Automation Whelp Images prompt. These images should be pre-separated and must be what you would have uploaded yourself as the colonist images, on whelp lineart. These also don't count towards your Nursery Limit

Courting images can be applied directly to the breeding and the old breeding prompt has been repurposed to Courtship, where you will get the RP and XP for courtship images and text.

If you have any questions, please comment on this news post!



We're finishing up an automated reproduction system! With this, litter images will be done away with, hopefully for good. You will be able to breed your colonists (or use breeding permits if necessary) and have the whelps available immediately, unless you've set up a Courting image for them! In that case, you'll just have to wait for staff approval of the courting :)

Whelps will be automatically generated and you will be able to upload your designs straight into the whelp, instead of having to deal with a Litter Image and THEN a whole geno. This new way will be so much easier for everyone - AND it will load down the site's space less! :D

Whelps sent to the Immigration Center will automatically grant you the IV for their genetics on abandoning, just two clicks! If you want the extra point for a design, you'll need to wean them and then submit them to the Immigration Center the normal way.

Nursery Limits will be in place once again! They were used on the old Spreadsheet system, but due to the difficulty within Lorekeeper's system, we did away with it. From now on, you'll have a Nursery Limit to how many litters you can have being nursed by one of your own colonists. Having a colonist nursing whelps will lock it from being able to breed until the litter is complete - aka, all whelps must be either weaned, sent to Immigration, or culled. In order to claim your initial Nursery Limits, head over to the Breeding Permit research and claim that reward - so long as you've already purchased the Breeding Permit research!

With the new system, we're expanding some of the items and research used in breeding:

  • Shaman's Heart will only be able to apply Common mutations!
  • Grandpa's Lessons will be craftable using a Shaman's Heart and some other items - this is a recipe that you will need to unlock!
  • Slice and Dice/20 Sided Dice will now be semi-automated! You'll have to input your own replacement for a line (F f to f f, etc), which'll be checked by an admin during the approval process.
  • The Stones of Power will also be automated! To use them in a breeding, you'll just need to click a toggle instead of fishing them out of your inventory.
  • Soulstone will now have a max of 15 for each of the stats on the whelp that has it applied.


We have certain systems and changes coming soon! This is here as a preface so that you all know what to expect and what things might be changing soon, such as some item usage in breedings.

Crafting Recipes that require unlocking

I'm sure you've noticed that Crafting was released in Beta form. We're working on making more and more recipes, some of which require unlocking.

How do you unlock a recipe? You will need to find the recipe by playing the game. Some recipes are granted by achieving certain researches, some are granted by finishing certain prompts, and some are found via the upcoming Investigation system!

An ingredient is unfindable! If there's an ingredient in a recipe that doesn't have a "found at" or "purchaseable at" indicator, we may have missed it while adding it! Please let us know so we can remedy this.

I have an idea for a new recipe. Sweet, let us know in the comments!

I was granted/found a recipe I already had! There will be a "Recipe Swap" free recipe that you can plop your duplicate into to get swapped for another random recipe. If you get another duplicate, keep doing this until you get one you didn't have!




We're still working out rewards for Investigations, but they will be granted via an item called "Unopened Report" instead of the [i] indicator. That way, you'll be able to keep track of your Investigations. You'll be able to click "open" on the items in order to get them open to reveal randomized prompt text! Upon full release, we will have a Prompt for you to reply to and attach an Opened Report to earn rewards.

In the meantime: If you have [i] investigation prompts, please send in a claim with all of the links so that you can be granted the unopened reports!

Reports will be transferrable between users ONLY UNTIL they are opened!

Support Xiunus


If you would like to support Xiunus and its coder, please feel free to buy Uri a coffee - it really will help to keep the site afloat!

Everything we staff do for Xiunus is all an entirely volunteer effort and while we love to do what we do, all hosting (monthly $$) is done out of pocket!
We're lucky to have an in-house coder to do all our maintenance, not all ARPGs have that!

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