New Lineart!

Jeska (NMRO) has made this wonderful new lineart for us to use!
There will be a poll on Discord about whether or not the lines should be mandatory, but I'm loving them so I think it'll be pretty unanimous!

We even have some reviews from our Super Secret Beta Testers below!


Pione says

I love the new lineart.
It’s much better than any of the old stuff and it really gives my colonists life!
I’ve moved one of my colonists over already and I’m gonna move the rest!



Meska says

Uri’s old lines were great and all, but these new lines are simply perfection.
I’ve already moved one of my colonists over, and will vote to make it mandatory.
Not really sure why we’re even having a poll - I can’t imagine anyone will disagree.



crablover420 says

I know I'm supposed to be coming up with an incredible review but I can't think beyond my desire for crab right now



Sproots says

These lines truly mean so much to me, they're exactly what I always imagined my colonists to look like. The realism is unmatched in such an amazing way.



██████ says

████ ████████ █████ ████ ████████ ████████ ████████ ██████ ████ ████████ █████████ ████████
Disclaimer: April Fools!

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Transmission: Status Report & Breeding

Status Report


Please be aware of your surroundings.
Any strange occurrances should be reported to DPIP


(Yes, you may have seen this news post before. See "Automated Reproduction" below for new stuff!)

Baby mods!

Myamoo425 (Sprouts) and Imagi-Nethat (Wayward Station) have joined the staff team!

So far, they've been so helpful with creating art and helping to keep the queue down while Uri works on the new systems below!


New: Forums!

Our coder created the Forums extension and set up a small forum for us! If you have any suggestions or requests for boards (specifically that don't overlap with other site functions such as Trade Listings and the Rules page) please let us know!


Automated Reproduction

We've finally released automated reproduction!! You may now access your nursery by going to this page. In order to start breeding, you'll need the Breeding Permit and to pick up your complimentary Nursery Limit of 3. Nursery limit refers to how many LITTERS one of your colonists is nursing at a time. Until it's in the system, please do not trade away/send nurses to Immigration. That's just mean, lol.

If there are any bugs (I'm sure there will be some!) let Uri know, please!!

Shaman's Heart may be used for any mutation for pre-existing litters or whelp genos until the end of March, server-time (EST). 11:59! After that point, they will need to be used only for Common genes. We're building recipes to craft up the Grandpa's Lesson item and it won't be long until that recipe is able to be found via the soon-coming Investigation action.

Pre-existing litters may now be posted to Pre-Automation Whelp Images prompt. These images should be pre-separated and must be what you would have uploaded yourself as the colonist images, on whelp lineart. These also don't count towards your Nursery Limit

Courting images can be applied directly to the breeding and the old breeding prompt has been repurposed to Courtship, where you will get the RP and XP for courtship images and text.

If you have any questions, please comment on this news post!



We're finishing up an automated reproduction system! With this, litter images will be done away with, hopefully for good. You will be able to breed your colonists (or use breeding permits if necessary) and have the whelps available immediately, unless you've set up a Courting image for them! In that case, you'll just have to wait for staff approval of the courting :)

Whelps will be automatically generated and you will be able to upload your designs straight into the whelp, instead of having to deal with a Litter Image and THEN a whole geno. This new way will be so much easier for everyone - AND it will load down the site's space less! :D

Whelps sent to the Immigration Center will automatically grant you the IV for their genetics on abandoning, just two clicks! If you want the extra point for a design, you'll need to wean them and then submit them to the Immigration Center the normal way.

Nursery Limits will be in place once again! They were used on the old Spreadsheet system, but due to the difficulty within Lorekeeper's system, we did away with it. From now on, you'll have a Nursery Limit to how many litters you can have being nursed by one of your own colonists. Having a colonist nursing whelps will lock it from being able to breed until the litter is complete - aka, all whelps must be either weaned, sent to Immigration, or culled. In order to claim your initial Nursery Limits, head over to the Breeding Permit research and claim that reward - so long as you've already purchased the Breeding Permit research!

With the new system, we're expanding some of the items and research used in breeding:

  • Shaman's Heart will only be able to apply Common mutations!
  • Grandpa's Lessons will be craftable using a Shaman's Heart and some other items - this is a recipe that you will need to unlock!
  • Slice and Dice/20 Sided Dice will now be semi-automated! You'll have to input your own replacement for a line (F f to f f, etc), which'll be checked by an admin during the approval process.
  • The Stones of Power will also be automated! To use them in a breeding, you'll just need to click a toggle instead of fishing them out of your inventory.
  • Soulstone will now have a max of 15 for each of the stats on the whelp that has it applied.


We have certain systems and changes coming soon! This is here as a preface so that you all know what to expect and what things might be changing soon, such as some item usage in breedings.

Crafting Recipes that require unlocking

I'm sure you've noticed that Crafting was released in Beta form. We're working on making more and more recipes, some of which require unlocking.

How do you unlock a recipe? You will need to find the recipe by playing the game. Some recipes are granted by achieving certain researches, some are granted by finishing certain prompts, and some are found via the upcoming Investigation system!

An ingredient is unfindable! If there's an ingredient in a recipe that doesn't have a "found at" or "purchaseable at" indicator, we may have missed it while adding it! Please let us know so we can remedy this.

I have an idea for a new recipe. Sweet, let us know in the comments!

I was granted/found a recipe I already had! There will be a "Recipe Swap" free recipe that you can plop your duplicate into to get swapped for another random recipe. If you get another duplicate, keep doing this until you get one you didn't have!




We're still working out rewards for Investigations, but they will be granted via an item called "Unopened Report" instead of the [i] indicator. That way, you'll be able to keep track of your Investigations. You'll be able to click "open" on the items in order to get them open to reveal randomized prompt text! Upon full release, we will have a Prompt for you to reply to and attach an Opened Report to earn rewards.

In the meantime: If you have [i] investigation prompts, please send in a claim with all of the links so that you can be granted the unopened reports!

Reports will be transferrable between users ONLY UNTIL they are opened!

Support Xiunus


If you would like to support Xiunus and its coder, please feel free to buy Uri a coffee - it really will help to keep the site afloat!

Everything we staff do for Xiunus is all an entirely volunteer effort and while we love to do what we do, all hosting (monthly $$) is done out of pocket!
We're lucky to have an in-house coder to do all our maintenance, not all ARPGs have that!

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Transmission: Happy New Year!!

Welcome 2021

Happy New Year!

We're a week into 2021, or rather: 2020 part 2. Good luck everyone, stay safe <3

New System: The Hospital!

We'd like to introduce the Hospital!

For a fee of 25 Xen, you can put one of your injured colonists into the hospital in order for another colonist to pick them up to heal them. Colonists who are in the hospital as patients cannot participate in actions, breedings, crucibles, or as a doctor. They can still have art drawn about them in order to gain XP and they can still be featured in Story Mode pieces.

Any Level One or up colonist (who isn't already a patient) can claim any patient and can attempt to heal them, so long as the owner of the doctor has the Medicine research.

The calculation for the Hospital is a 1d20 plus the doctor's Medicine skill with a 7 or above a success, though there are different levels of success. Rolling a 7 grants a little bit of XP towards the doctor and a little bit of healing towards the patient. Rolling above a 20, however, is a Medical Wonder - this usually can only occur if a colonist's Medicine skill is a positive number, ie. you roll a 20 and then add a +3 to make 23. There is the chance for catastrophic failures, which can cause additional damage to the patient. Any failure will result in the 25 xen fee being refunded to the patient's owner.

If a patient has health below 50%, they have to have Surgery - which requires Level Two and the Surgery research.

The Skilled Surgeon research rolls the initial 1d20 twice and takes the higher of the two - this is called Advantage. Basically, you have twice the chance to get a good number and heal your patient well.

Doctors can also add art pieces to get a higher chance of success.

In these cases, the healing attempt goes to the admins for approval. If it's not approved, the doctor get kicked off of the patient and the patient goes back into the pool of patients who need doctors, at no extra fee to the patient's colony. To earn XP for the art/lit, the artist/writer should also submit the piece into the Hospital Visit prompt.

Last Call for Stat Increases from the old system.

You have just under one week to send in a submission to this prompt if you have passed certain XP (old system: LVL) counts and want to pick up any missed stat increases from the old system. This is only applicable to XP thresholds that have been passed on the site. If you passed them back when we were on the Sheets system, it won't count - and we will be back-checking the old Sheets to make sure.

Link to your colonists and state what thresholds they passed before the new Leveling system was put in place and request the specific stats.

As a reminder, the old thresholds were: 30, 40, 60, 80, and 100.

Please don't try to cheat us by using XP gained after the new Level system was set up. Anything from after December 25 isn't applicable.

Support Xiunus


If you would like to support Xiunus and its coder, please feel free to buy me a coffee - it really will help to keep the site afloat!

Everything we staff do for Xiunus is all an entirely volunteer effort and while we love to do what we do, we do have to eat :').

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Transmission: So Long, 2020!

Yay, 2020 is almost over!

While this year has been packed-loaded with awful stuff, we also want to remember the good stuff, like moving to our new site ( if you've been away!) and having fun with not one but two big events in recent months. While this year has been packed-loaded with awful stuff, we also want to remember the good stuff, like moving to our new site and having fun with not one but two big events in recent months.


If you head over to Deviantart, we shared some art from this year, picked at random by searching "xiunus".

The Leveling System has been Changed and Integrated!

Levels have been renamed to Experience Points (XP) and we've introduced a fresh new Levels system. This new system includes manual leveling up by the user, instead of having to remember Stat Increases and everything when sending in submissions.

To thank everyone, for TODAY ONLY, we have a gift for you all!

We will allow you to level up your adults from Zero [whelps] to One [young adults] - this level up, when done by a user, lets you add 2 free stats! Tomorrow, I'll be running a script that levels up all Adults to Level One. If you want to get this gift of +2 stats, log into the site and head on over to your characters, where you'll see a little up arrow next to their Level count.

Remember, even belemoid need to be counted Adults (have a design update where it's set to adult) to get to Level One.

Level Two will take the place of the old Lvl 100 and while Benefit of Age will need some adjusting (as there's no longer a 100 XP cap), the other benefits of old Lvl100s should all still apply to Level Two, with this addendum: Level Two requires the Writing research to be purchased in order to level up.

Comments got a Face-Lift!

If they look weird, you may need to hard refresh your browser to clear the cache, as there were some big CSS changes!
To make a new comment, just hit the orange "Add New Comment" button!

Watch For: In Development

The Six Crucibles
Crucibles will be having a face lift in the coming weeks!
They may involve more art pieces per Crucible, so if you want to get those cheap stats in quickly, hop to it :')

Remember the Healing action? We're revamping it separate from the Prompts system!
The new Healing action(s) will be baked into the Research and Levels system, just like in the old days.

Likely to be an art prompt like Foraging, this one will need a lot of art. ;o;

This is still coming! As its developer isn't on our team, it's taking longer than expected, but it's still planned!

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Transmission: Friendsgiving 2020


Happy November!

Attention Colonies

Due to recent damage on the Department of Protected Inhabited Planet's satellites due to tendrils, we have been unable to remain in contact with several colonies. There is also coincidentally a thickened asteroid cloud separating our agents from the planet of Xiunus currently - It is the Department's decision to request that for the time that we are unable to send in agents, colonies on the ground must go in search of other colonies to determine their statuses after the Tendril infestation.

Be aware that there are still Tendrils present, but they appear to be going into some sort of hibernation, perhaps due to Kerah, which has now begun to spread over the planet.

We estimate it will be one month (until December 3rd) until we will be able to penetrate the asteroid cloud and send agents to the surface.

Read up on this here.

Other Site Stuff

We will now start enforcing the background/colouring/shading etc rules mentioned in the previous News post.

Kerah is now here! That means a new set of seasonal prompts and you may now do Story Mode submissions based in Kerah.

Galleries are here! While we have yet to write the guide on them, imagine Galleries to be the equivalent of Deviantart as far as art and lit goes - use it to upload images that you want displayed on the site! We have removed "On Homepage" from submissions. 

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Transmission: Updates + Reminders!


We have a bunch of great ideas that we've been working on this month, thank you for your patience!

Tendrils Follow-up

We are still working on a follow-up event for Tendrils - we have a bunch of great ideas but they need to be fleshed out with logistics done to get to a point we'd feel comfortable releasing!

Incoming Systems - Crafting, Immigration Centre, Gallery

I am currently working on collaborating with another coder for a Crafting system, as well as working on a system with Newt that will automate the Immigration Center in order to get that moving better!

I am also working on setting up a Gallery extension, made by one of the other coders working on Lorekeeper stuff :) This will be used in conjunction with Submissions, not instead of! RP rewards and the like will still be processed via Submissions - we are setting up a little guide on how to work with galleries, actions, and submissions.

World Expanded

If you go to World, you will see a fancy button called World Expanded - go there to check out some of the aspects of the planet you might not know about! With that in mind, we are up for any and all suggestions for flora, fauna, and landmarks - feel free to drop any in the Suggestions box or in the comments of this news post!

Also with this expansion, you may now only change your Region once every Quarter. For example, we are in the fourth quarter, which begins October 1st and ends on the 31st of December.

Some Reminders

Reminder of Story Mode Rules

We want to remind everyone (staff and user alike) that all story mode submissions require backgrounds, colour, shading, and fullbody depictions of colonists (or a researcher in the case of Arrival A2. We have been lax for this rule as of late but determined that as it has been written in the rules, we will start enforcing it from November 3rd on. 

We're giving you guys some time in case you have WIP story mode entries, so you can get them in before we start enforcing this rule.


Reminder of Design Rules

Litter designs are placeholders that may not always fit into the design standards - they are mostly to ensure that litters are actually wanted before the geno process, which is somewhat time consuming, is done. 

  • Artifice does not change whether a marking is darker or lighter than the base coat. It is a hue shift modifier.
    • ie. Artifice on Inkblot still has to be significantly darker/close to the black range though it can be tinted red, etc.
  • Unless a marking specifies that it can have holes in it, it has to be solid.
  • Some genes such as Sabino, Underbelly, etc grow outwards from the extremities.
    • ie. You cannot have a "hole" in Underbelly to show the base coat on the foot or tail.
    • We understand this isn't made clear in the guides and will work to make this more clear.

If there are any markings/parts of the guide that are confusing, please let us know in the comments below!

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Transmission: Mascot Contest Winners!

Mascot Design Contest Winners!

Winners: Tagovoa and Avillous!

We had a lot of wonderful entries, but two stood out from the rest in the voting stage: Avillous's researcher and Tagovoa's colonist! Each of them has been sent one Lost Belemoid Whelp.

If you didn't win, please let us know in the comments if you would be open for us to use your colonist submissions as Native designs (or as inspiration for Native designs) in the future! There were so many great designs and we would love to see some of them kicking around the game.


In the comments: Name Suggestions please!

We would love to see your name suggestions for these two new mascots as well as the two existing mascots that you can see on your dashboard. 

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A Message from DPIP

We have been monitoring the situation with these mysterious tendrils. For now, the danger seems to be limited - we will continue our research and we will inform the colonies of any advancements or points of interest that come from our studies. We have operatives on the ground, feel free to flag any down if you feel that the tendrils are posing a threat to your colonies or the land.

Be cautious and be vigilant, but there is no reason to be afraid. Yet.

Tendrils of the Spore Event End

We want to hear from you!

From what we could tell, people liked the Tendrils of the Spore event! We're still cleaning up mushrooms from around the site, so don't worry if you notice some still hanging around.

If you have any feedback, please feel free to share it with us!

Mascot Competition Voting

We got a lot of great entries and decided to put it to the public for a vote to see how you guys feel! Voting will continue for a week before we close and convene to decide on winners :)

Raffle Winner

 We rolled the raffle and Onali was our winner! They received a Tincture of Mycelium, which can be used to add the Mycelium mutation to any colonist or geno. (You'll be able to craft these at some point!)

Promotional Event Extension

The claiming period for the promotional event will continue until the midnight between Oct 7 and Oct 8, ET. If you haven't submitted for your free geno, please do so soon! Remember that this only is for EXISTING promo posts. If you post your promo in October, I'm sorry but it won't apply!

Site Updates

A lot of new stuff!

Since last month, we've made a lot of progress on the back end, coding side!

Apologies for Bugs

 We installed a new prompt time limit extension recently (at the start of the month) which unfortunately had some bugs in the code that have stopped people from being able to submit things like Crucibles or Wheel of Mercy spins. That has been fixed - sorry for the inconvenience.

New Moderator

You probably noticed, especially if you're in the Discord, but we brought Claritywind (Or'sol) onto the team! She's been around since 2018 and has always been a wonderful source of inspiration (and alerts to bugs and typos!)


As I'm sure you've noticed, we have comments now! Gone are the days of hunting through Deviantart Comments to find your breeding permissions or research purchases - both of which have their own systems now too :)


Awards were introduced during the event! We only have a few for now, but if they apply to you and you haven't received them, please send in a Claim with proof so we can get that squared away :)

Research Tree

A huge project, finally (mostly) complete! It's now fully automated, but please feel free to comment on the old temporary research thread if we missed any that you have, or if you join and need the research granted! Note that the two trees where nothing is yet available (Homesteader and Ranger) aren't yet in the system - we'll grant those to you once we get around to adding them.

To see how to earn research: go here.
To see research trees:
go here.
To see your own research: go here.
To see all available research: go here.

Comment Suggestions Box

Linked on the sidebar of the Encyclopedia, we now have an comment Suggestions Box! Your comments will be visible to other users, but please feel free to offer any suggestions so that we can build the Xiunus world. If you have suggestions for Suggestion categories, those would go in Miscellaneous.

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Please, Mind the dust

Welcome to Xiunus on Lorekeeper!

If you've been around on the site already, thank you - your feedback and bug reporting has been essential to making sure the site looks and acts its best! If you're just getting started on the site, some things are different. By nature of changing hosts completely from a Journal/Comment based system to the Lorekeeper base site, things will be different. 

What is Lorekeeper? --- Lorekeeper is an arpg-focused dA framework or base site that is now largely community-driven. New functionality and fun things are being added regularly, which makes it a lot easier for us to bring that functionality in!

Why did we switch to it? --- Deviantart Eclipse is awful for groups. Have you tried making a journal lately? I've had to make a couple since the Switch and I am Not Loving It. Lorekeeper had a lot of the base functionality that we needed and was the most viable option - plus, it was getting to be a pain to try to keep track of two different sites (dA and TH!)

If you come across any bugs or errors, please let Uri know asap on Discord! While we're working off of the Lorekeeper framework, a lot of the functionality (such as the Offspring list and Breeding Permissions) are coded entirely by Uri in a new language.


New on Lorekeeper

Check out what's different:

In order to participate/level/etc, you will need an account on

We know it's a pain to have to make a new account on something, but it's essential! Deviantart after Eclipse is awful to work with, so we've been trying to move everything over here, though we'll still be approving submissions to the deviantart group or even the Toyhouse world.

Forms and the like must be done on-site unless otherwise specified!

All art and literature should be submitted via either Prompts or Claims

Prompts if they're specific things like Crucibles, Actions, or Memes; Claims if they're just art for art's sake with no specific goal in mind.

You don't have to submit using a Deviantart link, but keep in mind that if you are using a different source, it must be available to the public without forcing staff members to make accounts on various websites to see.

    • If you submit a plain image file or a Deviantart link, it will share the Prompt on the home page once approved.

Art and literature Research Points still go to the creator of the work - if you are submitting a piece that someone else has made, you should always link to the user's on-site account. It's always preferable to have the piece submitted by the creator, but it's understandable if the owner of colonists in the pieces submit it.

    • If the artist/writer hasn't made an account yet then it'll be up to them to later claim the RP.
    • For Courting images, if the artist for the courting image is different from the person posting the breeding request, we ask that the URL link for the breeding request goes to the courting prompt and isn't just the courting image again.
The old Google Docs bank has moved completely on-site to user inventories.

If you have a Bank account on the Doc and have just made an account, please send in a Claim to request whatever items you have there. For speed, please include them in the Rewards! Just hit "Add Reward" and "Item" or "Currency" based on what you need added.

User to user trading or transfers of items/colonists can be done without the oversight of the staff!

Colonists are more customizable!

You can now fill out a profile for colonists and add a little "Small Note" for them that shows up on your profile and on their own import page. Profiles are especially fun to have stories, personalities, etc! The "small note" is especially good for things like nicknames or ranks.

Breeding Permissions are now hosted on-site!

If you go to a character, you can hit the "Breeding Perms" link on the left hand side of the page to access their breeding permissions and generate some! Generating is the same as issuing them to other people and subtracts 1 Breeding Slot from the colonist, so from now on in any breeding you're using a breeding permission for, you will link to their breeding perms and specify which one you're using. You will then just include that colonist and won't include the -1 slot reward for them.


The site is still in Beta, which means that while most things are functional, some things will be changing and adjusting as we go. Please back up your data, if you fill out any profiles or the like! We do regular back-ups but it would be a shame if something went wrong and anyone lost their data!


Event: Tendrils of the Spore

Something strange is brewing on the continent of B'Av!

Event Prompt: Tendrils of the Spore*

Huge tendrils and fungal growths have appeared across the continent! It's up to you and your colonists to investigate this strange phenomenon and determine whether it's dangerous or not!

New Action: Foraging

If you look over at prompts, you will notice a new Action called Foraging! Essentially, depict your colonists roaming the planet in search of food, bugs, items, etc! As we make more art, we will make more items to add to the possibilities of what you can find! Unfortunately, unlike previous plans, these are not yet location-specific.

This new Action will remain after the event ends!

Scavenger Hunt*

Look around the site for ten fun guys! Please don't share the links or locations publicly - hitting claim on the items you find adds the item to your inventory!

Contest:Mascot Design Contest*

Participate in a mascot design contest for Xen, a diplomatic treaty (Max Population), and the chance for a free Abandoned Belemoid Whelp!

Promotional EVENT*

Get a simple free belemoid or tsabhua (your choice!) for advertising for Xiunus, with extra bonuses for the people you tag, especially those who join and claim their free colonist!


*Closes: September 30th at Midnight EST.


Upcoming Functionality

Check out the functionality we're working on!

Comments system.
  • This is a big one! Once we have this set up nicely, we'll be able to pull away from Deviantart/Toyhouse in an even better way!
    This will be super helpful for many different things, such as Trading Post offers.
  • Heyyy, look at that! As of September 13th, we have comments :D BIG shout out to Newt, who did a lot of the heavy lifting!
Research Tree System.
  • This is another BIG project that I have to code from scratch. Right now, all Research is purchased on the Deviantart or Toyhouse forms and stored in a temporary research log.
  • With the addition of comments, all purchases should be made on our Research page for now!
Attachable Items
  • We have it in the plans to have some attachable items that you'll be able to get for your colonists that will in turn affect their skill modifiers or will have other fun effects.


You can access the full progress trello here:  

19-image.png  18-image.png

Staff Applications

DQ has decided to step back from the team to focus on school and the future, so we are opening staff applications.

We've roughed up a Now Hiring page - if you're interested in joining the team, please don't hesitate to send in an application! We're currently All-Purpose staff, but there is the chance to specialize as we grow!

There's no set deadline, but we have exciting stuff planned and would love to have more hands aboard :)


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