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Transmission: Site Redesign and Updates

Transmitted 3mos and 1w ago — Last modified 3mos and 1w ago

The wait is finally over! Our new version and accompanying site redesign is finally here! With that, and the progress of the event, we have revealed the name of the event: Tark'ee Trespass!

There are a lot of new updates, which you can see in our development log. If you notice anything strange or a broken link, please comment on the dev log or create a bug report!

Tark'ee Migration Update

The wait for Tark'ee is almost over, with the Aquatic subspecies having been discovered through the event. Native Aquatic Tarkee will continue to be released via the event and there will be a few others sprinkled in with them. Migration for user-owned Aquatic Tarkee from the original game will begin once the Natives are released.

How will migration work?
Back when the merger was announced a little bit over a year ago, a form was sent out for all members of Tark'ee on their deviantart page to request any of their Tark'ee with existing designs be transferred over. That form is still in use and available for submissions. Submitted Tark'ee will have their genomes examined and converted into Xiunus genomes, then will be created as genos on Xiunus.

We are creating them as genos to give every migrated Tark'ee the freedom to be redesigned on the newly released official Xiunus lineart, if they so desire. There were some significant changes to what markings Tark'ee will have coming in, but we understand if individuals don't want to or have the means to redo new designs.

I want to redesign my Tark'ee but I don't have the means
For the first month after your Tark'ee colonist is migrated, you are welcome to submit a Submission to request your Tark'ee be redesigned by the staff.

Transmission: Stage Two Point Five

Transmitted 4mos and 3h ago — Last modified 4mos and 3h ago
You feel a deep rumbling.

You're sure it's something that those antagonistic Rebels did, you just know it. You're about to make a report when your radio lights up, a broadcast sent out over the network from DPIP themselves.


At first you think it's from the bunker entrances that you found, but instead... your radio lights up, your interceptors catching a broadcast from DPIP to their loyalists.

New life forms have been detected in the ocean. We need research vessels to go out into the deep to find out more about these creatures. We have been getting conflicting reports about their physical characteristics. Some claim they are huge, snakelike beasts who are extremely dangerous and carnivorous. Others have claimed to see sleek-furred creatures with long claws who are smaller than tsabhua but larger than belemoid. Another source claims to have seen large, bulky creatures with soft, blunt faces, and pawlike appendages.
This is all we have from our preliminary reports before our satellites went down:


This may be dangerous. Any loss of life will be paid for in full.

Locate these creatures and report your findings to DPIP.


Try to find the creatures and learn about them before the DPIP loyalists are able to.

Transmission: Site Update!

Transmitted 4mos and 1w ago — Last modified 4mos and 1w ago

Hello, fellow Researchers and Colonists!

You may have noticed some downtime over the last couple of days. We have moved to a fresh server and updated our version of php in anticipation for future Lorekeeper updates!

As we have moved servers, you'll need to log back in.

In the meantime...

There appears to be a new item for sale in the Wandering Merchant's stock. If may have something to do with this

Transmission: And to all, a good Kerah!

Transmitted 9mos and 2w ago — Last modified 9mos and 2w ago
Event Two Zero Two Two

Hello, and welcome to December! Well, mid-December! We've now well into Kerah and have delved into the second stage of our sitewide event. For those of you just tuning in, or even longtime listeners, you may be confused as to what's going on! There's no need to fear, for your friendly neighborhood Steve is here to explain!

But before we dive right into talking about the event, though I know I'm keen to get my nose into that mess, I wanted to introduce some fascinating new things that have popped into Xiunus over the last few months!

New Items

There are a ton, and I mean a ton of new items that have made their way into the game! Most of these have something to do with the event as it progresses, but here are some that you may not have noticed just yet.

549-image.png 540-image.png 581-image.png 550-image.png 545-image.png
New Worldbuilding

The docks have opened up, and with them tantalizing possibilities!

29-th.png 30-th.png 31-th.png 32-th.png

Not to mention, a whole army of residents for both the docks and a huge number of other places around the entire island.

Advent Calendar
We're halfway through December! For the entire month, every day a new Advent Calendar prize will be available for pick up. Every other day will be an event-related prize, specifically these fancy little cards which, as many have discovered, are used in piecing together treasure maps to unlock new markings.

Transmission: Stage Two

Transmitted 1yr and 1mo ago — Last modified 1yr and 1mo ago

Report from DPIP

We have a fantastic opportunity for you!
The docks have opened finally and colonies are being invited in.

Follow the Clues?

This is the Rebel path.
Follow the clues found in the suspicious documents. Uncover the truth.

Trust DPIP?

This is the Respect path.
Follow the instructions provided by your overlords. Prove your loyalty.