Actions — Investigate something from an Observation

Your Telecom Beeps to Life

DPIP Needs your help, researcher.

In order to increase our understanding of the planet you now are an inhabitant of, we request that you follow up on several reports.
If you have been chosen to follow up on any investigative reports, we request that you open the documents and follow up on the data within.
Investigations can range from strange events to simple oddities that we, as the DPIP, want you to follow up on.
Sometimes things are hard to see, but if you look at them in a different way, all becomes clear.
We also must require that you expend some of your hard-earned Research Points in acting on these investigations.
Remember, even if some of the reports are scary, you have nothing to fear but fear itself.

- Officer ???


Investigations require the following things to be attached as Add-Ons:

  • An art or literature component. Use the report information (found in the "Notes" of the Unopened Reports in your inventory) as a starting point but do not feel restricted to follow the report to the letter!
  • A Research component. Each distinct type of Report has a cost, usually Research Points.
  • The Opened Report. One per Submission.

Some prompts also require specific stats in the lead investigating colonist in order to be successful. Those will be stated within the Report Notes. If they don't mention any specific stat requirements, you don't need to worry.

Simple Report: 50 RP.
Brnxago Xeiszg: Ninxvzy Ymdr MT. 
Lvajavcrt Kixbmx: Ggm Nughzry VH. INVESTIGATE

You may additionally also state which colonist is the Lead Investigator in your piece.
They will earn an additional 2 XP for the piece.
They must be showing some form of clear leadership in your piece.

Investigations are one of the few activites that have guaranteed rewards.


  • Focus Colonists: Minimum 7 experience, including at least one background.
  • Minimum Focus Colonists: One.
  • Maximum Focus Colonists: Three.
  • One report per submission, even if a collaboration.
  • Remember to include the Opened Report item as an add-on.
Colony Rewards

Generally, this means you should hit "Submit Prompt" on the ones below instead of this, but read the description of this prompt in case that isn't the case.

Simple Science
Submit Prompt
Include x1 Opened Simple Report with a SCI prompt within.
Simple Social
Submit Prompt
Include x1 Opened Simple Report with a SOC prompt within.
Simple Stealth
Submit Prompt
Include x1 Opened Simple Report with a STL prompt within.