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This prompt requires all focus colonists to be at least Level One

Add +1 STR to at most 3 colonists. Don't forget your XP + RP counts and breakdowns!
To show to the world that they are strong, your colonist must do one of the following:
  • You must assist in the construction of a new colony that is not your own.
  • Become a pack mule for a traveling merchant for a trip.
  • Carry a litter of tribal whelps while their mother gathers water or food.
  • Face a fear.
  • Lead a group to take down a wild animal, either for prey or to tame it.
  • Battle with a wild beast (tsabhua or otherwise.)
  • Wrestle with another Xunari. Attempt to throw the other off of a straight line.



1 STR (Strength)