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As colonies grow and expand, many individual colonists find that they wish to focus and specialize in a particular area. They may study and earn a Class which grants them bonuses in different areas of life, from extra rolls in Actions to more success in Healing to bonuses in encountering Natives. Colonists may only have one class at a time however they may freely begin studies for a new class.

Each prompt has two stages: The Assistant stage and the Final stage. The Assistant stage must feature at least one applicable teacher in some way. For instance, in the Scholar Assistant stage, two colonists may be studying together while the professor looks in on them or is featured in an author portrait on one of the clearly visible textbooks. Applicable teachers are any non-claimed Native or a Professional NPC for that class. If there are no professional NPCs for the class in question you wish to enter, pick a Native.

  • Each education prompt submission may include up to two focus colonists. They do not need to be your own.
  • If you have a Class already assigned and wish to switch to a different class, you must begin anew with the first stage.
  • The education must be the sole purpose of the submission.
  • However, other colonists may be included for the purpose of leveling. These observers may have observations.
  • Whelps can be focus colonists only in the first stage of each training. They can become Assistants, but must be adults before they can take on their classes in full.


  • Focus Colonists: Minimum 8 experience, including at least one background.
  • Minimum Focus Colonists: One.
  • Maximum Focus Colonists: Two.