TT.S2 - Trust DPIP

Events — RESPECT Faction only.

So, you've decided to respect the wishes of the Department of Protected Inhabited Planets, excellent! We thank you for that. 

We're sure you've heard, but the native inhabitants of B'Av have decided to open their docks and ports in all four regions. We need wonderful, intelligent researchers such as yourself and your colony to go introduce yourself to those who work at these watery locations! Perhaps there are towns near the docks that should be explored, far far more interesting than any silly little papers you might have found elsewhere. In fact, if you want to turn in opened reports if you run into any DPIP officers at the docks, feel free for the following rewards! Additionally, some of the Elders have traveled to these areas and have let us know that they need assistance in some research.

If you turn in an unopened report as an add-on, you will earn 100 Xen.
If you turn in an opened report as an add-on, you will only earn 50 Xen. Is your curiosity worth it?
If you explore the docks and interact with an inhabitant, you will earn 25 RP.


Option One: Depict your researcher or colonist(s) visiting the Elders at the docks to see how you can help them with their research.

Option Two: Depict your researcher or colonist(s) exploring the docks and ports of any regions and meeting the inhabitants of those locations.


  • Focus Colonists: Minimum 7 experience, including at least one background.
  • Maximum Focus Colonists: Three.
  • Minimum NPCs: IF OPTION 2: Include at least one Inhabitant NPC from the LOCATION you are investigating.
  • It must be clear which port you're visiting.
Colony Rewards
Focus Colonist Rewards
Bonus 5 Experience, added automatically to focus colonists. Does not get added to RP calculations.

Generally, this means you should hit "Submit Prompt" on the ones below instead of this, but read the description of this prompt in case that isn't the case.

Prompt has ended.
Visit Bloodbeak in the Sanguine Cove.
Prompt has ended.
Visit Gosling at the Ochre Dockyard.
Submit Prompt
Visit Agnes at Port Celeste
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Visit Elder Quetzalcoatl at the Ochre Dockyard
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Visit Lilith in Tenné Quai