This page contains quick definitions of commonly used terms. If a term has a longer lore page, it will be linked via the name of the term.

[noun] - ARPG stands for Art Roleplaying Game and AARPG stands for Alien Art Roleplaying Game. This is the general structure of the game, where art and literature is used to level up and advance characters.

Breeding Permission

[noun] - If a colonist does not belong to you, you must provide a breeding permission in order to post a breeding with it. In order to give a breeding permission (also known as "giving a slot"), the colonist must have that number of slots. You may not oversell your slots - it is impossible using the inbuilt Breeding Permissions system in our website. Generally, rules must be followed, such as whether it is a full slot, where the user gets the entire litter, or a split slot, (see below) but certain rules, specifically such as deadlines, are not permissible or enforceable. You may not place a deadline on a litter permission.

Colonist | Colony

[noun] - A colonist is a character from Xiunus species which is officially registered to any individual Colony. A colony is effectively the term for the player or user and is why your username for the website is your colony name.

Experience | XP | EXP

[noun] - Experience is the quantitative demonstration of your colonist's life experiences. Art, literature, and certain other things (such as healing a sick colonist and some observations) grant a colonist XP. Once reaching certain XP thresholds, a colonist's owner can level them up, which grants them stat boost and sometimes an additional breeding slot.

Genome | Genotype

[noun] - If you think of your colonist as a computer, this is the code that makes everything work. It includes information such as sex, colour, and markings. Here at Xiunus, we use general scientific theory for genetics, including heterozygous, homozygous, dominant, recessive, etc, which is dictated via the genome.


[adjective] - This is a gene that has two different alleles of the same gene. Ex: Ba ba. Generally this will be a dominant (Ba) and a recessive (ba) allele pairing.


[adjective] - This is when a gene has two copies of the same allele. When homozygous dominant, it usually this means the gene will always pass on to the offspring. Ex: Ba Ba.
This is not the case for recessive genes, which need a homozygous recessive pairing to be visible and will need at least one recessive allele to be passed on.

Homozygous Recessive

[adjective] - This is when a gene has two copies of a recessive allele. Usually this means the gene does not display, except for in the cases of recessive genes, in which it would show.

Ex. of a non-display gene: ba ba.
Ex. of a recessive gene that would display: f f.

Import | Upload

[noun] - This is the essence of a colonist - its page containing all of its information as well as its current approved design. Often when someone talks about complete colonists that they can level up, they may call it an import or upload.

Inbreeding | Inbred

[verb/adjective] - When two colonists who share an ancestor (or more!) breed, the litter is considered inbred. This can cause numerous issues such as deceased whelps or birth defects, though it also increases the chances of positive mutations. It is up to you to decide if the rewards outweigh the risks. If an inbred colonist breeds with any other colonist, no matter if they're related to them or not, the litter will be rolled with inbred penalties.


[noun] - Levels are the quantitative demonstration of your colonist's age. A Level Zero colonist is a whelp, while a Level One colonist is a young adult and is sexually mature. A Level Two adult is even older and more refined, granting a bonus called Prime Friend to all other colonists they're depicted with and a bonus called Benefit of Age to their own colony if depicted by their owner.


[noun] - This is the translation from genome/genotype to language humans can understand.

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