The Department of Protected Inhabitants has set out an alert on all active telepads and comm networks. This is normal, they tend to send out odd little reminders and slightly suspicious messages from time to time... but somehow this feels different. There are many more drones spiraling about, scanning for who knows what. You've had at least three different operatives skulking around the outskirts of your colony.

It almost seems like they're looking for something and have no idea where it might be...

Instructions: Depict your colonists searching for and finding a suspicious report, either hidden away within your colony, the wilderness, a town or village, or even being given it by a shady individual. Get creative!


Maximum of three focus colonists earning extra XP
  1. ART:
    • At least 75% of the body of the colonist visible.
    • Coloured.
    • Background with at least three different elements.
    • 300x300 pixel minimum.

    • At least 800 words.
    • If including multiple colonists, each should be mentioned by name or nickname at least once per 200 words.


Bonus 5 XP