Random Events

Free Action during leveling

Max two per colony per submission.


ART: Halfbody | Coloured | Semi-Complex Background



You must include the region in your submission comments/description for random events to be rolled.

 What are Random Events?

Random Events are a fun, OPTIONAL, thing you can apply for when Leveling your colonists, so long as the submission meets the above requirements! The Random part of Random Events is that they are randomized from many different possibilities! The just-for-fun ones include natural disasters, things your colonists might notice while out and about, friendships or rivalries made, or even the odd tribe or foreign colony visit.

Random Events can only occur in pieces your colonist is in that are based in your colony's home region, unless you have the Disguise Kit research unlocked for your colony.

An image submission can have a maxium of two Random Event rolls per colony.

 What Can Happen?

While most Random Events will be flavor text to give you fun things to react to for personal plot purposes only, random events are also the primary way of encountering wandering natives who may wish to join your colony. There is also the possibility of finding Xen, items, or even potentially getting injuries! It's a game of chance but the rewards outweigh the potential consequences.

AS OF JULY 2020: If your random event has [i] in it, ignore it for now - once the Investigation action gets released, you may respond to them for additional potential rewards or outcomes.