How To Earn Research Points
A brief explanation

Research points [RP/₹] are earned via artwork, literature, and randomized rolls.

If you create art or literature of colonists, including colony natives, you earn Research Points for every colonist present. This is usually equal to the amount of Experience they earn by your effort, not including any bonus experience granted from prompts.

Usually, research points are about equal to the number of experience points earned in a piece, though there are ways to increase the amount of research one can earn, such as the Research + purchase, which doubles research from a piece, before any event or meme bonuses.

Research points are used to unlock different portions of the game. For instance, you must have a breeding license in order to pair your colonists up selectively to produce offspring - that license costs research points. Another research is required to have observations in regions that aren't your home region.

Earn Research Points By:
Gaining XP for colonists (both your own and for other people) via submissions.
Filling out group memes.
Receiving them via the Wheel of Mercy.
Research Breakdowns
These are counted in order. AKA, Research+ is applied BEFORE any of the other bonuses, then Benefit of Age, etc.

BASE RP - Equals to the Experience Points amount calculated here for all colonists depicted. Unclaimed natives do not count as colonists.

COLLABORATION - If two or three colonies collaborate for a piece, you will divide by number of Collaborators. Each colony's Research/bonuses applies to their own RP only.

LANDSCAPE ONLY - If no colonists are visible and there is a background of decent effort, +5 ₹. This includes Researcher-only pieces.

RESEARCH PLUS - Purchaseable Research. Base Research (sans any bonus below) is doubled.

BENEFIT OF AGE - When any Level Two colonist owned by the artist/writer is depicted, double that colonist's RP count

COMMUNITY RESOURCE - If the submission is a blank free-use line art for members to use, +2 to +5 ₹ depending on size/effort.

EVENT BONUS - This is varied for every event and is generally automatically added and usually has image requirements. Standard Seasonal Event Bonus is +5 ₹.

STORYTELLING BONUS - For every 1000 words, add an extra +5 ₹.

COMIC PAGE BONUS - If an art submission is a comic page (with panels relating to one another, maybe dialogue) +5 ₹

ACTION BONUS - If a colonist is performing an Action in your piece, add +2 ₹ per submission. Usually this is automatically added.

Your Researcher

Your researcher is an original character and design of your own. While they don't earn experience with submissions, depicting them can earn you additional research. You may host one free researcher and their reference on Xiunus, created from your settings. This will be considered your official researcher and you may include lore and story for them in that page. Consider also including colony lore on that page, to separate it from your main profile! Once they're created, visitors to your profile will see their thumbnail and icon prominently beside your information.


Must be sentient and sapient.
Cannot be species from Xiunus (no Tsabhua, Belemoid, or Tark'ee unless they are modified from the original species such as made anthropomorphic.)
Should not be racial stereotypes or caricatures.
Be respectful of any cultures you are representing with your researcher.