Xiunus Team


The site admin and Xiunus creator. They have the ability to view/edit any data on the site and are the main coder.

Xione Hey, I'm Uri! I am the coder and main admin behind Xiunus. I started Xiunus several years back, initially as a spreadsheet-based Deviantart arpg.

DPIP Commander

These are staff members who can do almost anything.

Meander Hi, I'm Jes. I have variable amounts of brain, but I lurk consistently in discord.
Or'sol No profile found.

Contact me on-site only.

Xiunus Official

Official non-player accounts used for various Xiunus roles.

Xiunus The official Xiunus admin account, used mostly to house Natives before they join the colonies.

Contact me on-site only.

Immigration Another non-player admin account that houses Immigrants for the Immigration Center.

Contact me on-site only.

DPIP Operative

This is a general staff member.

Wayward Station
Wayward Station No profile found.

Contact me on-site only.

Gaeron Pass
Gaeron Pass No profile found.

Contact me on-site only.