Crucible of Dexterity

Six Crucibles — Add +1 DEX to at most 3 colonists. Don't forget your XP + RP counts and breakdowns!
You can submit this prompt 1 time per month.

This prompt requires all focus colonists to be at least Level One

To show to the world that they are agile, your colonist must do one of the following:
  • Travel through the thick jungle to retrieve a gem from the heart of a tree.
  • Climb a basaraytz and return with some of its prized berries.
  • A thieves' guild at a nearby colony is in need of assistance with a heist.
  • Go deep into the tunnels and return with a monster's egg.
  • Cross a raging river using only the unstable stepping stones.
  • Spy on strangers.
Colony Rewards
Focus Colonist Rewards
1 DEX (Dexterity)