Colonist Documentation

Character creation.

In order to level up your colonist and participate in the game, they have to be officially documented on the website. Documentation is essentially the same thing as Character Creation, or for other ARPGs, import upload. Not sure if your colonist is documented? If they have a slug (a number or letter+number combination in their url like 0040 or RT05) and a design, they are documented and you can create art and literature of them!


Randomized colonists always start out as genos. You can see the list of all genos here. They are completely undesigned and therefore can't be used in gameplay until they have designs approved. Those designs are submitted by the user by going onto the geno's information page and, in the sidebar, hitting "Submit Geno Request." From there, you can fill out a form and submit the design to our staff for approval.

If we send the design back for corrections, don't fret! It happens and we're more than happy to help guide you through fixing it up if you need any help getting it up and running.

To see a detailed image tutorial on this, click here.

Colonist Rules
Names cannot have slurs or heavy swears in them.
Names should not be more than 50 characters. If it's making the page look weird, it's too long.
Colonists must adhere to the design standards as listed in the design guide, though we are more than happy to assist with any questions in the Discord or via comment.
Designs cannot show any markings or mutations, etc, that are not listed in the phenotype or trait listing.
If you feel like there is an error in your phenotype in any way, report it via Discord or our bug report system.
Designs cannot hide any markings or mutations that they have, unless:
  • Two mutations overlap, such as two different types of ear or a bob tail and a long tail.
  • Another marking covers the other marking, such as is often in the case of white-spotting genes.
  • A limb that shows the marking is removed via an item application.
Stages of a colonist
The Geno

This is the stage that all randomly generated colonists, such as recruits or abandoned whelps, begin as. They need a design approved before they can earn any experience points or level up!

The Whelp
Only applicable to colonists born via breedings or found as whelps. Once they earn 25 experience points, you will have to submit a Design Update Request with their adult design in order to continue Leveling them. While they are a whelp, you may freely redesign them by submitting design update requests, but be warned: The existing image will be deleted off of our servers permanently. Please limit these redesigns.
  • Earn experience points
  • Forage
  • Become Assistants (the first stage in class specialization.)
  • Breed
  • Mine
  • Perform in Crucibles
  • Fully specialize in a class
Young Adult — Level One
The final Design Update you will need to submit. If your colonist began its life as an adult, which is most often the case for new colonies, this is the only actual design you will need to submit. If you're having trouble, refer to the Character guide in the New Player Guide Series.
  • Breed
  • Mine
  • Perform in Crucibles
  • Fully specialize in a class
Prime Adult — Level Two
Colonists who have earned 100 XP or more and have leveled up to Level Twol. These adults have extra bonuses such as the Benefit of Age, found in the Research guide, and extra breeding bonuses, found in the Reproduction guide.
  • Everything currently released