You can submit this prompt 1 time per day.

Worldbuilding: FLORA


Illustrate a plant, fungus, or other organic growth that you might find on Xiunus.

One entry per day. Once we have a good backlog, this may be reduced to weekly for a time.

This prompt requires an art component. If you are a writer, you are free to collaborate with an artist!

  • Draw the flora.
    • Crisp, clean lineart
    • Coloured
  • Fill out the following form in your submission:
    • Species Name:
    • Regions Found In:
    • General Size:
  • Bonuses:
    • Include more than one view of the flora (Up to 2). +10 Xen each
    • Include at least 150 words of description. +10 Xen
    • Include a visual size comparison to a human and/or tsabhua. +5 Xen

If your submission is incorporated, you will receive 50 extra RP and 50 extra Xen.