Mascot Design Contest

Archived — Design a mascot (Researcher and/or Colonist) for Xiunus!
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Mascot Design Contest

Users overwhelmingly wanted a design contest for the site along with the Researcher-Tsabhua pair staff designed.

You may enter TWICE: Once with a Researcher and Once with a Tsabhua. If you'd like to enter them both in the same Submission, you're welcome to for the Completion reward as well as both Partial Completion rewards!

Anyone who submits a design for both Researcher and Colonist will get at total of 500 Xen and One Diplomatic Agreement, which can be redeemed for 10 Max Population Slots for your colony.

The artists of the winning designs will each recieve 1 Abandoned Belemoid Whelp!


    • The Colonist can be either a Tsabhua or a Belemoid
    • Use the design guide for colours/markings!
    • Can have any Mutation that exists, or none!
    • Can be anything except a Xiunus-native species


Partial Completion (Researcher Or Colonist):

250 Xen (Each)


Completion (Both researcher and colonist):

1 Diplomatic Agreement


Grand Prize (picked as Mascot):

1 Abandoned Belemoid Whelp (Each)

Colony Rewards
250 Xen
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