Tendrils of the Spore

Archived — Something strange is brewing on the continent of B'Av
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Tendrils of the Spore

The mushroom forest has breached its borders.

Huge Fungal infestations are
sprouting across the entire continent.

Something about it feels sinister.

Can you find the source?

The Prompt

Mushrooms and fungal growths have begun spreading across the entirity of the continent.

Depict your colonists investigating the great tendrils - either in their own home region or in a foreign region.
Has it breached your colony's walls or are you safe from the destruction?
Is it dangerous?

The Rules

  1. ART:
    • At least 75% of the body of the colonist visible.
    • Coloured and Shaded.
    • Background with at least three different elements.
    • 300x300 pixel minimum.

    • At least 1500 words.
    • If including multiple colonists, each should be mentioned by name or nickname at least once per 200 words.
Colony Rewards
10 Xen
This prompt has ended.