This prompt requires all focus colonists to be at least Level One

RESPECT Faction only.

Upon meeting certain requirements, you have been directed this way. You have been given further instructions.


Depict your colonist researching the particulars that you have been instructed to research. 

Include the link to where you have met with the indivual who has given you these instructions.

Pm h wopsaly pz hsylhkf lzahispzolk mvy h thyrpun, zbitpaapun h wyvtwa mvy aoha thyrpun dpss hkk 10 ylzlhyjo av paz nvhs.
Pm pa pz hsylhkf mbssf ylzlhyjolk, pa dpss kv uvaopun.


  1. ART:
    • At least 75% of the body of the colonist visible.
    • Coloured.
    • Background with at least three different elements.
      • Remember, each element should have at least two colours! No flat blobs.
    • 300x300 pixel minimum.

    • At least 800 words.
    • If including multiple colonists, each should be mentioned by name or nickname at least once per 200 words.


2 Strange Powder

This reward is random.

This prompt requires you to have completed 2022.S2-TD.F7 1 time.