Hidden Glade

Area inside L'Hatzif
"Where the Light Dances"

Submitted by Forsaken's Hollow

Deep within the swamps of L'Hatzif, there is a place where the vegetation turns all shade of purple. Purple grass, purple bushes, even the mushrooms are kind of purple colored or at least close to it. Every cap of every mushroom has some sort of glow to it and around some shiny small motes can be seen that dance in a light breeze. The whole glade feels calm and relaxing, even smelling nice - unlike some of the swamp holes. Some of the natives often visit the glade to relax and there are rumors that sometimes even lovers use this as a hidden way to meet.

The glade cannot be found on any map, so every outsider is well advised to ask any of the residing tribes for help, should they not want to dare a daunting trek across dangerous terrain. Usually there will always be a way to find a guide.

The glade is also mentioned in plenty of stories and rumors of L'Hatzif. One of the more popular ones features the mushrooms with the dancing lights. According to the myth there once was a sage, well in tune with the land who did their best to keep what was entrusted to them thriving. They would regularly give out food, water and other types of aid to those in need. Until the first space ships and foreigners came. Fearing for the well-being of their charges, they poured all their spiritual energy into the soil, slowly fading away and becoming one with nature. These mushrooms are said to hold plenty of this power and a tribe will - in dire need, go and harvest one of them to strengthen their barricades or weapons. It also has been said however that if you abuse them, you will never be able to find the glade again - even if you take a guide.

Not all tribes and colony subscribe to this legend, however all agree that mushrooms with a halo of glowing motes around them have healing properties and therefore they all strive to preserve the glade as is.