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The Six Crucibles

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As the stakes grow ever higher and the distinction between strong colonists and weak colonists becomes clearer, several colonies have made understandings that they must improve their few now in order to have stronger in the future. Therefore, they have devised a plan that will allow colonists to push themselves and strengthen their very core essences. They can become stronger, smarter, and faster.

Each colony may submit a total of six crucibles per month, one of each type.
Each crucible may include up to three colonists. They do not need to be your own.
For each applicable colonist, they will receive one stat increase of the type the prompt is from.
That means that per month, the maximum number of stat increases total that you can accrue is 18.
The crucible must be the sole purpose of the submission.
However, other colonists may be included for the purpose of leveling. These observers may have random events.
Only adult colonists are able to participate.


Fullbody | Bg with at least three elements | Coloured | Shaded
1000 words


Special events! These will have special rewards and may be seasonal or special in some other way!



Required Research: Breeding Permit

The Department of Protected Inhabited Planets is especially excited about colonies breeding their colonists! This ensures that the species on Xiunus will continue to grow and flourish, even as the planet becomes more and more occupied by colonies. They note that all known species have differences in litter sizes and breeding capabilities, so they recommend to be careful in your breeding habits, as an overeager breeder may introduce negative traits into the breeding pool.


    • The person posting the Prompt must have ownership of the female's breeding slot.
    • The poster's colony must have the Breeding Permit research unlocked.
    • Any applied research must belong to the poster.
    • Colonists cannot breed if they:
      • are infertile
      • have health at 50% or below
      • are currently frozen in an invasion
      • are under level one
      • have run out of breeding slots
      • have no adult reference
      • are hospitalized
      • are in the cooldown period (one week for males, two weeks for females)
  3. Inbreeding and linebreeding are allowed but can result in mutations or deceased whelps
  4. Courting images are optional but grant the chance for an extra whelp.

Potential Hazards + Litter Counts

Dams with less than 75% HP may have decreased litter sizes or weaker whelps.
Dams with less than 50% HP will have empty litters and may be injured.

Dams with constitution of 5 or under may bear dead or defective whelps.
If a whelp is born with a constitution of 3 or under, it will not survive.

If a breeding includes inbreeding, it increases the chances of mutations.
It also increases the chances of dead whelps or birth defects.

to THREE whelps- Standard tsabhua range.
   ZERO to FOUR whelps - Added Courting.
   ONE to THREE whelps - Standard range with at least one Level Two+.
   ONE to FIVE whelps - One Level Two+ AND courting.
   TWO to FOUR whelps - Both parents are Level Two+.
   TWO to FIVE whelps - Both parents are Level Two+ AND courting.

Courting Images (Optional)

75% of body shown & Coloured
At least three background elements
800 words

is an optional addition you can include in a breeding in order to encourage the parents to have an additional whelp. Here is an example. It must be fullbody and have colouring and some sort of background. Including a courting image also encourages the dam to be more calm, reducing the chance of litter-loss. When submitting a Breeding prompt, this should be the "url."

Note that the courting image should be posted as a response to this prompt and only redeemed when breeding colonists! If the courting image has been posted beforehand as a claim, the URL for the breeding submission should be the link to the courting image's claim, not the original image.

The PRocess

  1. Ensure all prerequisites (see above) are met.
    • The dam and sire are at least level one.
    • The dam and sire are both healthy and have available breeding slots.
    • The dam and sire have approved adult references.
    • The breeding slots are appropriately assigned (permissions given if it's not an in-house breeding.)
  2. The owner of the dam's slot must submit to the breeding prompt.
  3. The litter will be rolled as a comment on the approved prompt.
  4. The dam or sire must submit a litter image in order to convert the litter into actual genos.
  5. One the litter image is submitted and approved, the whelps will be made into genos.
    • In order to begin leveling, the geno must have a geno design update submitted and approved.

The Submission

Remember: the party submitting this prompt must have ownership of the dam's slot.

Attached Colonists: Dam and Sire

If the colonist belongs to you, add "-1 Slot" to the rewards for that colonist.
If the colonist doesn't belong to you, do not touch the rewards for it and instead link to the breeding permission paeg for the colonist itself -- not your colony -- and state which slot you are using.

Items must be included as add-ons to the breeding submission.
Research must be stated clearly in the comment.
Note that any research or items that are applied must belong to the posting party.


Specialized actions - most require some  sort of Research to be unlocked in order to participate.

Story Mode

Chapter One


Fullbody | Bg with at least three elements
Coloured and Shaded | 300x300 pixels min


min of 1000 words

They find you. Whether you were sitting at a bar on a backwater space bar or were just docking your vessel into the embassy, they find you. Three individuals - two clearly bodyguards of the third - approach you and hand you a simple holoslate. Before you are able to respond or react, they vanish into the depths of the station. You try to find them, but are unable to. Later, when you are somewhere private, you pull out the holoslate. It glints at you, shuddering to life. A white logo appears on the screen, blinking ever so slightly as you shift to watch. A message flashes into view.

To whom it may concern,

We are the Department of Protected Inhabited Planets. Your name precedes you and we have taken notice. We have determined that due to your unique abilities and specialties, you are well suited to a particular project we have been undertaking for several years.

If you agree to assist us, you will be in complete control of a colony of natives on a newly discovered planet that we have obtained authority over. You will be given ample resources and equipment to research your colony of natives as you wish.

Please respond via the hyperlink if you wish to proceed with this arrangement.

Stay Vigilant,

Every colony has its own unique story for how it started. Some Researchers know what they want to do with their colonies from the start, others just roll with the punches.

Welcome to Xiunus: Chapter One.


Old prompts that will not be returning.



Worldbuilding is a different type of prompt from regular prompts. Instead of a classic fullbody/background/etc, each type of Worldbuilding prompt has different requirements, often involving art to some degree due to the visual nature of our game.

Submissions to the Worldbuilding prompts become the intellectual property of the game if incorporated, meaning that they stay with the game even if you, as a user, decide to leave. It becomes a part of Xiunus as a game and as a world.

All creators will be credited clearly in the appropriate areas if their prompt is incorporated into the game.
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