Tendrils Promo Event

Archived — Send in your entries for the advertisement contest!
Ends: 3yrs and 9mos ago

Promotional Event

Post a journal or similar advertisement on Deviantart or another similar website to get a randomized simple tsabhua or belemoid (your choice!) once this prompt opens for entries.

If you invite at least 5 people who aren't already members, you get to pick the base coat colour.

For every invited person* that doesn't join: You get one randomized allele.
For every invited person* that DOES join and sends in a First Colonist Claim: You get an allele that you get to pick.

* Max of 5 total extra alleles, regardless of randomized or picked.

If a person you invited joins, sends in a First Colonist Claim, AND posts an advertisement (that you link) - you get a random mutation for this event colonist! If there are at least five people you invite who fit that criteria, you get to pick what mutation it is!

Please ask your invitees to mention you in their Claim so you are sure to get credit!

Your Prompt Submission

URL: The url to your journal/etc advertisement.

Whether you want a belemoid or tsabhua (defaults to tsabhua if you don't specify.)
If you invited at least 5 people, the base coat colour.
Number of tagged people (and their names).
Links to the colony/user profiles for people you invited who joined.
For those that joined, the alleles you want.
Link to anyone who joined (from your invite) and posted their own advertisement

EXAMPLE of Comments:
I'd like a belemoid please. Since I invited 5 people, I'd like it to be black.
I tagged: bobross, lemonaide, someone, name, and friend

I didn't tag, but they joined because of my post: artist

  1. bobross (colonyname) - Ember (Emb emb)
  2. someone (colonyname2) - Countershading (Cs cs)
  3. artist (colonyname3) - Countershading (cs cs)

bobross posted an ad here: link. Random mutation please! <3

This prompt has ended.