In order to heal an injury, you must submit a prompt wherein there is a fully trained physician tending to an injury on an injured colonist. When a colonist reaches HP of 0, they automatically become Injured and must be healed via this prompt before they can have HP regained in the Hospital. Injured colonists also must be healed before they can breed. They also are limited in activities, reducing their number of rolls possible by 2.

Only one colonist can be healed per submission and they should be set as the focus colonist, whereas physicians and their assistants must be listed in the comments to ensure they're not missed.

You may include up to three additional Physicians or Physician's Assistants in order to gain additional HP.

Base Result: 1 HP and 1 level Injury removed
Additional Physician or Physician's Assistant:
+1 HP each included


Fullbody | Bg with at least two elements
Physician present
Coloured | 300x300 pixels min


min of 1000 words