Archived — Check on your neighboring colonies after Tendrils!
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A month after the mass of Tendrils flooded across the continent, how are your colony’s neighbors doing?

Visit a colony that isn't yours and check in on them! You may only visit one colony at a time (per submission) and you may only visit each colony once. You should draw or write about at least two of their colonists! These don’t have to be in the same region as you!

Some fun prompt suggestions:
  • You have been working consistently with a neighboring colony and their communications have suddenly gone dark. Are they okay?
  • One of your neighbors has specifically requested medical aid.
  • One of your colonists is worried about their relative in a different colony - depict them going to check on them!


No maximum number of submissions.

Minimum 1 colonist from you, 2 from the visited colony
Accurate background/setting of the colony you're visiting


Fullbody + Coloured

300 px on shortest side


750 Words

  • 100 Xen per submission.
  • 25 Xen for the visited colony.
  • A trophy if you visit a minimum of FIVE colonies. (Art coming soon!)

Stretch Rewards [ 10 visits ]
  • The colony that is visited most gets 100 extra Xen + Trophy (Art coming soon!)
  • The colony that visits others most gets 500 extra Xen + Trophy (Art coming soon!)

Stretch Rewards [ 10 participating colonies ]
  • Every colony that has made at least TWO visits gets a split slot to a random Native!
  • If a colony has made TEN visits, they get a slot to a Native of their choice!
Colony Rewards
100 Xen
This prompt has ended.