Death of a Colonist

Archived — Lay a colonist to rest.
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Death of a Colonist

Has a colonist overstayed their welcome in your colony? Has their time come? Are you running out of space in your colony and want to reduce?

If you don't have Overseer's Orders, you can depict your colonist's death, retirement, or funeral, and they will be deceased and be added to your Graveyard, therefore no longer taking up space in your colony.

Up to ten non-dying colonists can get a +5 XP bonus if they are present with the below rules. This does not stack if multiple colonists are dying in a piece. Mark these non-dying colonists as Focus Colonists to get this bonus but do not include it in your XP count or the XP you manually add onto each colonist. This bonus XP does not count for the RP calculation.

Make sure to be clear which colonist(s) is(are) dying!

If you want an Obituary message, please make it clear and concise.

Colonists who are dying don't earn XP and therefore don't earn their colony RP in their Death of a Colonist piece.

Fullbody | Bg with at least two different elements
Coloured | 300x300 pixels min


min of 1000 words
If including multiple colonists, each should be mentioned by name or nickname at least once per 200 words.
Colony Rewards
1 Random Plasma

This reward is random.

Focus Colonist Rewards
Bonus 5 Experience, added automatically to focus colonists. Does not get added to RP calculations.
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