Immigration Center

You may only sponsor one Immigrant every thirty days.
Colonists adopted from the Immigration Center automatically have their design update cooldown set to two weeks.

Come here to adopt homeless immigrants!

If you wish to donate a colonist to the Immigration Center, we ask that if you have a transparent version of their design that is not their current image, you submit for a design update to switch them to the transparent version. Thank you! 

Certain types of colonist, such as Natives, will instead be returned to the wild automatically and will be available for Diplomacy once more.

Immigrant 340 0340 Tsabhua
8 Immigration Vouchers
Immigrant 583 0583 Tsabhua
9 Immigration Vouchers
Please be compassionate when talking about Immigration designs in public spaces, especially about wanting to replace them. Many immigrants were designed by members—often specifically to be donated to the Immigration Center—and it can be disheartening to read that people want to adopt to replace them.