Some currencies are colony-owned and others are character-owned.
Admin Point (AP) Displays as: 0 Admin PointHeld by: Users

Staff-only points to use in a Staff-Only Shop.

Breeding Slots (SLOT) Displays as: 0 SLOTHeld by: Characters

Breeding slots, used when a pair of colonists breeds.

Brute Force (BF) Displays as: 0 BFHeld by: Users
Code Fragments (CF) Displays as: 0 Code FragmentsHeld by: Users

For global tracking of events. Will be renamed with each event.

Faction Collaboration (FC) Displays as: 0 FCHeld by: Users

Counts towards event awards but not towards event goals.

Faction Standing (FS) Displays as: 0 FSHeld by: Users

Standing in a given faction.

Immigration Vouchers (IV) Displays as: 0 Immigration VouchersHeld by: Users

Used to obtain Immigrants from the Immigration Centre.

Max Population (POP) Displays as: 0 Max PopulationHeld by: Users
Nursery Limit (NL) Displays as: 0 Nursery LimitHeld by: Users

The limit to a colony's number of concurrant nursing litters.

Research Points (₹) Displays as: 0 Research PointsHeld by: Users

Research points are used in Xiunus's Research functionality to buy Research for colonies.

Conversion Rates: 3 Research Points to 10 Xen
SCI Investigation Token (SCI-it) Displays as: 0 SCI Investigation TokenHeld by: Users
SOC Investigation Token (SOC-it) Displays as: 0 SOC Investigation TokenHeld by: Users
STL Investigation Token (STL-it) Displays as: 0 STL Investigation TokenHeld by: Users
Xen (𐡀) Displays as: 0 XenHeld by: Users

The main currency for sale and purchase across Xiunus.

Conversion Rates: 10 Xen to 2 Research Points
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