Region inside B'Av — Base for Colonies
Grasslands and hills

[ Grassland. Plains. Foothills ]
[ Oceanic | High winds off shore keep storms away ]

A large province, mostly consisting of prairie-like flatlands and hills, Mireh generally has more temperate weather than the other regions on the island. Storms seem to be swept away from them due to the high powered winds off the shore. Mireh is lucky to still have some rainfall, as their neighboring province of Issiq is often cheated of it. Deep within its borders is the fabled tower city of Bitzaron.

Examples for Art

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Associated Gallery Posts Images submitted to the gallery on-site that are an accurate example of this location.
Roaming Natives These are Natives currently roaming in this location. They can be encountered in Observations.

Samoset MT02
— Tsabhua

Honovi MT04
— Tsabhua

Siris MT05
— Tsabhua

Morgain MT06
— Belemoid

Issun MT08
— Belemoid

Pistachio MT09
— Belemoid

Ikaro MT11
— Belemoid