Terrestrial - Domesticated

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Commonly regarded as dirty, thieving pests, huldah are not well liked among the intelligent species of Xiunus. They commonly steal food and have a habit of chewing off manes and tail tufts to braid into complicated nests. Clever colonists have found uses for them, however. Fast breeding and easy to keep, they make a good food source for smaller carnivorous pets. Huldah are also an excellent model organism, and are commonly kept in labs for testing. Wild, they are clever and hard to get rid of. Domesticated, they are curious and charming, though they still have a habit of chewing on whatever hair they can reach. Prepare to get weird looks if you choose to keep them as pets. There is a subspecies that lives in Rekes that has smaller ears and longer fur, as well as an albino variety that cannot be found in nature but are preferred as pets and lab animals.

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