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These are staff members who can do almost anything.

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Welcome to Or'sol


The clan welcomes you, traveller. May you find peace knowing you have a safe place to rest for the night and food for your belly, especially if you can share knowledge and news from your travels. Or'sol is a peaceful colony who are just trying to get by, survive, and thrive. They're led by Xombre, the Alpha and founder of the clan.

|| Available Slots, Combo Slots, etc || Available for Sale ||


  • Xombre - Founder, Alpha-prime, Mediator, Explorer
  • Anise - Hunter, Warrior and Strategist
  • Kana - Belemoid Pack Leader, Diplomat

  • Anise - Hunter, Warrior and Strategist - Leader
  • Zimbon - Hunter, Warrior and Second in Command.
  • Demii - Warrior, Seond in Command - answers to Alpha Kana and Alpha Anise.
  • Axel - Hunter, Trapper
  • Far'lan and Fero'hart - Hunters, answer to Zimbon. Warriors in a pinch but specialise in the hunt.
  • Alum - resident healer tank.

  • Lucius - Forager, mostly because he wanders around and doesn't want to come home empty handed.
  • Seafoam - Primary Herder, studies Animal Husbandry
  • Lief - Primary Farmer, studies agriculture and cross-crop breeding.
  • Mazzo - Herd Wrangler, finds new beasts to add to the herds, typically in charge of rotating and defending the herds.
  • Ma'groth - Farmer and Builder, jack-of-all trades
  • Kareena - Herd Wrangler for larger animals, joins hunting parties sometimes.

  • Marble - Scrible and Storyteller. Collects tomes and artifacts, slowly building up a library.
  • Hyrax - Herablist. Helps Alum develop new salves, as well as working on studying/catelogging various remedies and healing tips.
  • Pi'nidya - Blacksmith, salvager, explorer. Mostly interested in metal work, but knows basic technical and computer crafts.



These will not be available for breeding with any others besides those listed as their mates (unless otherwise specified) - this is for lore reasons.

Current Goals
- Write out timeline lore
- Crucibles all over the place! Max them stats!
- Reverse Marozi, Reverse Point, Tapir O.O Smexy new markings!
- Stat-up Kana and Raucer pair, get all the Test Tubes



Current population: 64
Level Two
Xombre 0049 of Or'sol Xombre
Level Two
Anise 0050 of Or'sol Anise
Mated to Zimbon 0094 and Axel 0051
Level Two
Axel 0051 of Or'sol Axel
Level Two
Zimbon 0094 of Or'sol Zimbon
Level Two
Alum 0053 of Or'sol Alum
Level Two
Marble 0054 of Or'sol Marble


Undesigned genetic scripts

Emerald male aquatic tark'ee adult with underbelly, viper, mask, fier, socks, and tapir.

Tark'ee Or...

Mud male draconic tark'ee whelp with stripe, choker, and ember.


dragonight1993 Avatar
dragonight1993   10mos and 3w ago *
I love the way you disigned this little guy I just adopted <3 :-) Telodez 0967
Or'sol Avatar
Or'sol   10mos and 3w ago
Thank you! I am so happy they found a home!
Amicus Avatar
Amicus   3yrs and 7mos ago
I come with gift art! https://xiun.us/gallery/view/4
Or'sol Avatar
Or'sol   3yrs and 6mos ago
Awww thank-you so very much! :D I love it!!!
Xione Avatar
Xione   3yrs and 9mos ago *
Featured by Owner
Or'sol Avatar
Or'sol   3yrs and 9mos ago
Oh no! A wild Xione Appeared!
I use "throw marshmallows at it"!
Xione Avatar
Xione   3yrs and 9mos ago
It's very effective! Chomp
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