Region inside B'Av
Mushroom forests and swamps

Natural Wonder: Fungal Forest

City: the City of Lights

Area: Hidden Glade

Port: Port Celeste

[ swamps, giant mushrooms, and tropics ]
[ Tropical ]

Located along the equator of the planet, L'hatzif is a region plagued by humidity and heat. It is flush with thick vegetation and swamps, including the fabled Mushroom Forest. As the heart of the region is close to sea level, when heavy storms and flooding occur, the swamps may be covered by several metres of water, leaving colonies and tribes to rely on either the trees or well-constructed camps to avoid losing everything.

Much of L'Hatzif is yet to be discovered, due to the thickness of the forests and the dangers lurking within the waters. The tropics are a doubled-edged sword - as much fruit and food as it offers, it also is rampant with disease. It is recommended that any colony making the swamp their home has multiple well-learned doctors and a healthy supply of vaccines targetting the most frequent ailments.

L'Hatzif is a good location for researchers who may wish to focus on their studies and avoid interactions with other colonies. However, as time has passed, it has shown that L'hatzif is a popular place for colonies to develop, making interactions between them more and more unavoidable.

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