Terrestrial - Domesticated
Large bovines

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Variants: Domestic variants are often paler in colour. Pure white individuals have been seen.

The Shriiv is a bovine native to L'hatzif. It has adapted well to the environment and lives on a diet of a variety of mushrooms. It can easily be used to clear the terrain of any unwanted growths. Their antennae help them find edible mushrooms and it is believed the smaller eyes are used for heat vision. Shriiv have a thick hide that can withstand most attacks unless the attacker has sharp claws or other piercing weapons. This bovine does not fight and instead opts to flee most of the time. They live in groups of up to 15 adults with however many calves.

The calves need 2 years to mature into adults and while female Shriiv stay often with their herd, males usually wander off and find their own. In rare cases purely male herds have been observed as well.

In case Shriiv are domesticated outside of L'hatzif, it is best to use the calves as they can get used to new diets the easiest. Generally you can use any mushroom to feed a Shriiv, but they will eventually decide on a favourite strain of mushroom.

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