Region inside B'Av
Crystalline mountains and the sea

Natural Wonders: Mount Ahnakim, Skullcrack

Mountain: Obsidian Mountain

Port: Sanguine Cove

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It is said that Rekes, a mountainous region and the southernmost of the regions of B'Av, was built on the back of an ancient beast. Great crystalline bones rise from the earth, breaking free from the soil and earth around it. Not a pleasant or easy place to live in by any means, the researchers and Xunari here are a hardy bunch. The seas to the south and east are wild and choppy, sharing a cold temperature of the northern points of the island. Meanwhile, the waters to the southwest carry the warm currents from somewhere far west, bringing with it a surprising abundance of fish during the warmer seasons.

The few native tribes that live in this area are hardened and cautious of colonial activity, though as in any region, there are those whose curiosities are spiked.

Examples for Art

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Roaming Natives

These are Natives currently roaming in this location. They can be encountered in Observations.