Forsaken's Hollow's Colonists

Level 2 - unsorted
LT08 Level Two
Thumbnail for Ezra the Broken Blade LT08
Forsworn Knight
Adult onyx male belemoid with countershading, blanket, and ember.
0225 Level Two
Thumbnail for Gwydion the Fair 0225
The First | Chief
Adult oat male tsabhua with nyala, underbelly, and mask.
Carries: Heartfire
0236 Level Two
Thumbnail for Faolain, Talon of Night 0236
Adult greying black female tsabhua with underbelly, choker, and viper.
0255 Level Two
Thumbnail for Aisling, Weaver of Dreams 0255
Adult blackberry female belemoid with flaxen.
0297 Level Two
Thumbnail for Primrose, The Gentle Heart 0297
Adult cream rust tinted silver female tsabhua with point and underbelly.
Carries: Flaxen
0402 Level Two
Thumbnail for Darragh, Crimson Claw 0402
Assassin| Tracker | Spy
Adult rust male tsabhua with truespot and choker.
0679 Level Two
Thumbnail for Bran Sootclaw 0679
Adult roan redcurrant male belemoid with irish spotting, underbelly, and artifice.
Carries: Viper
0466 Level Two
Thumbnail for Aoife the Radiant 0466
Adult erythris female belemoid with dun, point, underbelly, mask, and barring.
Carries: Pearl
0312 Level Two
Thumbnail for Róisin of the Wilds 0312
Adult beige tinted granite female belemoid with countershading and dapple.
0313 Level Two
Thumbnail for Angus the Wild Boar 0313
Adult bay male belemoid with countershading and choker.
Carries: Dapple
0697 Level Two
Thumbnail for Callum Whitehair 0697
Tactician | likes to fight
Adult greying silver male tsabhua with nyala, underbelly, choker, and mask.
Carries: Viper
0703 Level Two
Thumbnail for Fiadh the Flamekissed 0703
Aspiring Judge
Adult brick female tsabhua with heartfire, nyala, choker, and dapple.
Carries: Viper
0727 Level Two
Thumbnail for Ailean Of the Silver Seas 0727
Adult russian male belemoid with sabino.
0238 Level Two
Thumbnail for Liam Of Dusk and Dawn 0238
Snarky Healer
Adult russian male belemoid with dun, sabino, stripe, and blanket.
Carries: Artifice
0308 Level Two
Thumbnail for Maeve of the Summer Winds 0308
Adult isabella female belemoid with sabino, stripe, and inkblot.
Under Level 2
0635 Level One
Thumbnail for Diarmid the Wanderer 0635
Adult pearl black male tsabhua with heartfire and underbelly.
Carries: Countershading
0729 Level One
Thumbnail for Cathal the Ferocious 0729
Adult rust male tsabhua with heartfire.
Carries: Viper
0732 Level Zero
Thumbnail for Enid Riverkin 0732
Whelp salmon female tsabhua with choker, ember, and okapi.
Carries: Truespot
0734 Level One
Thumbnail for Caoimhe the Afflicted 0734
Adult greying appaloosa silver female tsabhua with heartfire and mask.
Carries: Viper
0744 Level One
Thumbnail for Donn the Tall 0744
Adult cream fewspot appaloosa slate tinted silver male tsabhua with dun, heartfire, and point.
Carries: Truespot and dapple
0362 Level One
Thumbnail for Niamh Silvertongue 0362
Junior Bard
Adult creampearl roan appaloosa navy female tsabhua with nyala, point, underbelly, choker, and mask.
Carries: Flaxen and heartfire
0782 Level One
Thumbnail for Rian Tendrilsbane 0782
Right Hand to Gwydion
Adult appaloosa slate tinted silver male tsabhua with countershading, dun, impala, heartfire, nyala, point, sable, choker, bumblebee viper, and mask.
Carries: Pearl and flaxen
0783 Level Zero
Thumbnail for Findan the Far-Seeing 0783
Whelp blackberry male belemoid with sabino.
Carries: Countershading
0162 Level One
Thumbnail for Laisren the Stalwart Hope 0162
Adult bay male belemoid with dun, reversed underbelly, choker, and blanket.
Carries: Pearl
0702 Level One
Thumbnail for Muirenn Stoneskin 0702
Adult cream redcurrant tinted granite male belemoid with dun, sable, mask, and blanket.
Carries: Flaxen, heartfire, and okapi
RT07 Level Two
Thumbnail for Kumos the Ghost of the Hollow RT07
Mute Good Soul
Adult beige female belemoid with dun, badger, point, underbelly, and choker.
Xander's Pirate Crew
IT04 Level One
Thumbnail for Mojave Saltsong IT04
Helps wherever needed
Adult cream roan brick male tsabhua with impala, point, and sable.
LT12 Level One
Thumbnail for Xander, Scourge of the Spore Sea LT12
Pirate and Merchant of (stolen) Goods
Adult creampearl blanket appaloosa blackberry male belemoid with sable and dapple.
Carries: Heartfire
0837 Level One
Thumbnail for Khinra Twinblades 0837
Adult slate tinted silver female tsabhua with dun, nyala, point, sable, and underbelly.
Carries: Pearl and heartfire
0825 Level One
Thumbnail for Njall the Weathered 0825
First Mate
Adult creampearl black male tsabhua with dun, impala, sabino, sable, and underbelly.
Carries: Countershading and heartfire
0831 Level Zero
Thumbnail for Té Alvuin the Vampire 0831
Whelp cream leucistic male belemoid with underbelly and mask.
Carries: Countershading, viper, and marozi
0847 Level Zero
Thumbnail for Kholchu Bloodweaver 0847
Healer on Xander's Ship
Whelp blackberry female belemoid with blanket.
Carries: Countershading and artifice
0845 Level Zero
Thumbnail for Flotsam Sharkbait 0845
Whelp beige male belemoid with stripe, saddle, blanket, and marozi.
Carries: Countershading
0723 Level Zero
Thumbnail for Selkie, Daughter of the Waves 0723
apt swimmer
Whelp russian female belemoid with countershading and dapple.
0098 Level One
Thumbnail for Fallow Nightshade 0098
Adult cream redcurrant male belemoid with point, choker, mask, and reversed marozi.
Carries: Dapple
0104 Level One
Thumbnail for Lucky Warmtum 0104
big hearted cook
Adult cream redcurrant female belemoid with choker, dapple, and reversed marozi.
0899 Level Zero
Thumbnail for Cirrus the Firefly 0899
Navigator/Map Maker
Whelp bioluminescent blackberry male belemoid with dun, mask, and barring.
Carries: Flaxen and okapi
0896 Level Zero
Thumbnail for 0635 x 0362 [3 of 3] 0896
Whelp pearl appaloosa cracked black female tsabhua with heartfire, underbelly, and mask.
Carries: Flaxen and countershading
IT02 Level One
Thumbnail for Mara Hearteater IT02
Adult greying slate female tsabhua with impala, underbelly, choker, and mask.