Aquatic Tark'ee

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160 cm - 260 cm
Wave Father
Fun loving tricksters.

Aquatic Tark'ee, also known as Wave Tark'ee, are the smallest of the Tark'ee and are well adapted to their environment of the ocean, with webbed feet and thick blubber to protect from cold waters. Their fur is extremely short and appears smooth, very similar to Earth Sol's "seals". Their beaks have a very thin covering of this fur, though the colour of the beak can poke through regardless. They are very often of blue or green colouration, though they will not spurn any other colours, especially vibrant ones. Despite appearing smooth, their beaks are serrated within and point inwards, all the better to catch and eat prey - mostly fish. They have the longest tail-to-body ratio of the Tark'ee and the shortest leg-to-body ratio, usually keeping close to the ground and only picking themselves up when they need to move on land in swaying, crocodilian movements. These creatures can remain underwater for hours without needing to resurface for air and therefore often live in the oceans. They also have gills naturally to take in low amounts of oxygen while underwater, extending their underwater time.

Some aquatic tark'ee are lithe like Terran otters, while others have very bulky forms, like the origin species.

Behaviour and Society

Most Aquatic Tark'ee are jovial pranksters. While they are not usually aggressive without reason, they will not flee from a battle when it is to protect their families. They do not always form large tribes but their underwater cities are the envy of kings. They are highly social creatures and have a strong cultural and artistic affinity, creating exhibitions and talent shows while other subspecies might be battling.

Playing a prank on a stranger is a socially acceptable way of introduction and after this introduction, it is common to be invited home for a meal or even a sun nap on any number of smooth rocks on the surface. They are incredibly social, attempting to befriend just about anything, and therefore they were the first Tark'ee to actively attempt communication with the colonies.

Tribal aquatics often inhabit large shells, corals, or cave networks near large bodies of water, if they do not live within the cities they have constructed. These cities have managed to capture large bubbles of air, allowing both diplomatic visits with other species and removing the necessity of having to visit the surface if they wish to remain underwater.

Often, Aquatics can be found in the surf after a rough storm, seeking out fish and other debris that may have washed up on shores. Due to this, some superstitious creatures, especially the quiet mutters in the Volcanic ranks, believe that they have some power over the sea itself and cause the storms. As such, other superstitious species in Dondir have been known to make small shrines to their local Wave Tark'ee and give up offerings in exchange for good luck, good weather on the seas, and for fertility. The DPIP does not condone this belief.

Family Life

Aquatic Tark'ee typically live monogamous lives and have intricate mating rituals in which they attempt to woo a life mate. This begins with an offering of food or some sort of prized possession, be they pearls, unusual shells, or even artistic feats the interested party - male or female - has created. If accepted, they begin a courting dance in the water, ranging from acrobatics to creating attractant vibrations in the water. These dances often incorporate props and decorations.

One method that an aquatic may take is to show a potential mate their ready-prepared nesting area or home. This is not always the case, though, as many may prefer to create a home together.

Upon the births of their children, both parents will raise the young, regardless if their mating is for life or not. The young are never left unsupervised and often need assistance in getting to sources of air and food.


Aquatics are exceptionally sociable, trying their best to get along with everyone. They are born diplomats out of all of the Tark'ee subspecies and it is said that the Aquatic Tark'ee have the power of the sea itself at their beck and call. They may be the most intelligent of the subspecies, though their jovial prankster nature tends to disguise this fact and cause others to underestimate them.

Aquatics find companionship with other species easy, joining colonies by the water without issue. They and Reef Belemoid share a particular bond and they are often found among each other, populating the same cities. It is believed that Reef Belemoid were the first to find them in Xiunus and assisted in creating the first Xunari underwater cities.