Draconic Tark'ee

All Colonists
700 cm - 2000 cm

Draconic Tark'ee, also known as Serpentine Tark'ee or even Abominations, were originally the results of freakish combinations of other subspecies of Tark'ee, though now they are a subspecies in their own right. They are serpentine creatures that grow as they age, getting longer and thicker as the years past. They are effectively immortal through aging, shedding multiple times a year to keep up with their growth. To the unaware, they may appear to be very large snakes, but once you see the beak, you know them apart from other serpentine species. Many of the other species despise or fear the Draconics.

Behaviour and Society

Draconic Tark'ee are still forming their true society and culture, being offshoots from the other subspecies. They are usually outcasts, thrown away and believed to be "defective" eggs, yet they are still able to breed and live life to the fullest. They live a variety of different lives, from living in a swarm (a tribe of only draconics) to living in one of the cities, to joining a tribe of a different species, or even colony life. Their personalities are all very different - you can find a very nervous, quiet Draconic living alone under a rock and you can also find a swarm of twenty who travel about seeking out adventure.